Friday, 29 April 2011

Latest Score: Ian Thorpe 1 - Michael Phelps 0

Ian Thorpe has struck first in his renewed rivalry with Michael Phelps. The score as it stands now:-

Royal Wedding Attendances: Ian Thorpe 1 - Michael Phelps 0

PS. He looks in much better shape than when he announced his comeback in early February (below). This appearance seems to back up recent reports coming out of Switzerland that the comeback is going well.

UPDATE with video of Thorpe arriving.


  1. It kinda looks like the lady with him is giving the finger to the man in front of her...

    I know I's a piece of the guy behind her's uniform...

  2. I saw Thorpe in the telecast. he looked very fit and much more like a supreme athlete.

    Cant wait to watch his graceful, exquisite and yet seemingly effortless stroke again!

  3. Ironies of ironies. I fully expect Ian Thorpe to be Australia's first President. When Queen Elizabeth exits it will be fitting to honour The British Heritage & acknowledge Australia is Asia.

    It will take 6 years to get a new system up (Australians are not rash ) so 2014 +6 =2020. Ian could be a statesman by thn .

    Ps he is also very intelligent not just a super athlete.

  4. Of course more important- is that Armani he is languidly sporting ?

  5. Australia will one day be a Republic but it will not be as soon as 2020 im sorry to say, i think HRH will still be on the throne then (Well i hope she is). And as far as poll's etc coming out of Australia are concerned the would not vote for a Republic just yet! Very difficult situation, there is not doubt that it is Asia but has huge British heritage.
    And Thorpie as Pres! Yes :)

  6. Plus changing all those institutions -not to mention the drapes -would be a lot of bother.

    Anyhow we are doing a sideways manouvre. We have infiltrated the Danish Royal family & produced some cute little princes & princesses there. We are planning to marry one or all of these into the Windsors & TAKE OVER.

    William & kate"s first is our target! We got our eye on some nice real estate there1

  7. He looks slim and fit. Good for him!
    And Australia is Asia? Rly??

  8. Yes Anono .Things have changed in the last 30 years . UK = EU. Aust=Asia.

    Dont know if society follows the $$$ or vice versa but Austalia gets its economic health from Asia trade & institutional history from UK. That is its strength.


  9. some very reliable feedback on thorpes training - sub 1.44 is very realistic and expected. That 200 free will be all time next year at the summer games

  10. awswimfan just spoke my mind..graceful, exquisite and seemingly effortless.. yeah thats wat he is! oh man i had stopped following swimming after he retired..