Friday, 6 May 2011

Jessica Hardy Makes The 100m Breaststroke Interesting Again

At the Brazilian Championships today, Rebecca Soni had her closest race since the switch to textile suits. The challenge came from a rejuvenated Jessica Hardy.  Soni was still able to win the race by 0.34 seconds (1:05.79 to 1:06.13), which isn’t exactly ‘close’… but the fact that Hardy has regained her form in this event makes things a lot more interesting looking ahead to London. Although Soni is currently in a class of her own, Hardy’s pure speed poses a legitimate threat.

This result should also shift Hardy’s focus back onto Breaststroke. For a while it looked as though she was morphing exclusively into a sprint Freestyler.

During the recent Olympic roundtable discussion I took Yulia Efimova ahead of Hardy, but after being cleared to compete in 2012 and today’s swim I’m moving Hardy up to 3rd, behind Soni and Jones. For anyone playing along at home, I suggest moving Hardy up a few spots on your cheat sheet. Unfortunately the American didn’t qualify in this event for Shanghai so we won’t get a chance to see all the contenders rumble until we reach the big show next year.

Best to let Hardy have the last word:


  1. I think it must be Hardy's PB in textile.

    Oops, didnt see that twitter

  2. Quite a few drug cheats in this comp. What is it about Brazil that has brought them out ? the sunshine?

  3. The notorious anonymous controversial comment, i for one was not in favour of Hardy being passed to swim in London but the decision was made and we must get on with it, she is no doubt a superb athlete and CLEAN at this time.

    I dont agree about her getting passed Efimova though, Yulia went 1.06.3 last year and looks to have a much faster time in her, i have a feeling she will clip Jones on the 100 and maybe 200 Breast this year in finishing behind Soni, i expect to see her go 1.05 this year.

  4. Jack - And you think Mellouli & Daynara de Paul were not there?

    LOL Brazil . Remember that grotesque lady sprinter a few years back?

  5. If I'm not mistaken, Inge De Bruijn also started her year 2000 trailblazing in Rio, as well as Michelle Smith in 1996.

  6. This is an article on Jessica Hardy not Dayanara de Paula or Mellouli.
    The fact is Dayanara is a total different kettle of fish to her counterparts in that she in theory ignored her ban and continued to race, there is no room for arguement in her case whereas Jessica's could have been a definate mistake with no intention of gaining an advantage, and she served her time sticking to the rules.

  7. Yes I should edit Hardy's Wiki entry. She has Clenbuterol as a "stimulant". It is much more than that -a metabolic enabler & a non anabolic steroid. plus excellent for respiratory effectiveness plus oxygen transporter. The DDR track & field athletes loved it . Plus one of their female swimmers (also a breastroker ) clung on to it after DDr demise.

    She may be innocent but that also means she is stupid.

    However she missed her greatest defense. -as a uterine relaxer in cows.