Monday, 18 April 2011

Beginner's Guide to the 2011 Russian Swimming Championships

Navigating your way around Russian swimming sites can be an arduous task. Here are a few easy steps to keep up-to-date with this week's Russian Swimming Championships (Apr 18-23).

1). How can I watch?

Easy. The Russkis are particularly good at streaming their National Champs. Not only can you watch live, you can also see the entire finals session again immediately on completion. Links below:-

Day One Finals
Day Two Finals
Day Three Finals
Day Four Finals
Day Five Finals
Day Six Finals

Finals begin at 17:00 Russian time (14:00 BST)

RESULTS - Not livetiming, results should appear after each session.

2). Who are the swimmers?

The next hurdle when watching Russian swimming is figuring out who is who. You can't rely on the good old Roman Alphabet on this one... it is all Cyrillic, all of the time.

Here's a handy list to help you out:-

The words that will bring a tear to the eyes of all Americans... МОРОЗОВ Владимир - VLADIMIR MOROZOV

КОРОТЫШКИН Евгений - Evgeny Korotyshkin
ДОНЕЦ Станислав - Stanislav Donets
ВЯТЧАНИН Аркадий - Arkady Vyatchanin
СЛУДНОВ Роман - Roman Sloudnov
ЛОБАНОВ Антон - Anton Lobanov
ФАЛЬКО Григорий - Grigory Falko
ГЕЙБЕЛЬ Сергей - Sergey Geybel
ЛАХТЮХОВ Станислав - Stanislav Lakhtyukhov
ИЗОТОВ Данила - Danila Izotov
ЛОБИНЦЕВ Никита - Nikita Lobintsev
СКВОРЦОВ Николай - Nikolay Skvortsov
СУХОРУКОВ Александр - Alexander Sukhorukov
ТРИЗНОВ Александр - Alexander Triznov
ГАНИХИН Максим - Maxim Ganihin
КОНОВАЛОВ Никита - Nikita Konovalov
ГРЕЧИН Андрей - Andriy Grechin
ЛАГУНОВ Евгений - Evgeny Lagunov

ЕФИМОВА Юлия - Yulia Efimova
АРТЕМЬЕВА Валентина - Valentina Artemyeva
ЗУЕВА Анастасия - Anastasia Zueva
НЕСТЕРОВА Маргарита - Margarita Nesterova
СОКОЛОВА Елена - Elena Sokolova

(If you know anymore add them in the comments)

3). What are they swimming?

баттерфляй - Butterfly
на спине - Backstroke
брасс - Breaststroke
вольный стиль - Freestyle
комплексное плавание - IM

3). Who is this guy?

I don't know his name, but this is Russia's swimming commentator. If my memory serves me correctly, he is wearing the same exactly the same Iron Maiden T-Shirt as last year.


  1. I love this Tom. Any idea about stroke translations?

  2. courtesy of google translator

    Nikita Lobintsev's time does not meet the auto qualifying time for Shanghai.Lobintsev expressed deep disappointment at his time, and says he needs to discuss the swim with his coach, citing that he needs to drop 7 seconds to compete with China.

    It seems like Sun Yang's times, especially his 400 time is making every middle and distance freestyle very very alarmed.

    It's very interesting that Lobintsev is able to come more closer to his suit 200free times, but not his suit 400free times. But this showing doesn't seem to bode well for the 200free.

  3. Woh, didn't realize how different the Russian language is to the English alphabets!

  4. Any idea who the other teenager named Anton who is qualified second in the 200 breast is? And why would they let Borysik swim the final?