Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Federica Pellegrini - 4:03.49 - 400 Free - Italian Swimming Championships

Once again the readers of Speed Endurance Swimming Blog have demonstrated their outstanding swimming knowledge. Hours after voting closed in the 400 Free poll, where Rebecca Adlington had a late surge to beat Federica Pellegrini by a single vote, the same situation played itself out in an Italian pool.

On Day One at Italian Championships, Pellegrini was victorious in the 400 Free with an impressive 4:03.49. Although the time is slower than Adlington's 4:02.84 from British Nationals, and down on Pellegrini's best time of 2010 (4:03.12), it still ranks as the third fastest time since the tech-suit ban.

Pellegrini was ahead of Adlington's pace for 350m but did not have the same closing speed as Britain's Olympic Champion (final 50 splits: FP-30.31/RA-29.55)


Pellegrini: 59.43, 2:00.83, 3:02.37, 4:03.49
Adlington: 59.67, 2:01.77, 3:02.88, 4:02.84

This just adds to an already intriguing rivalry. The Italian clearly has more speed than Adlington, but doesn't possess the same level of endurance. The 400 Free matches the two up perfectly. This event in Shanghai with Chloe Sutton, Katie Hoff, Kylie Palmer, Bronte Barratt, Yiwen Shao and Camille Muffat also in the mix will be one of the races of the Championships.

One point to remember, Adlington had some domestic competition, notably from Jaz Carlin. Pellegrini  was eight and a half seconds clear of the rest in her race.


  1. In on eyes, Pizzetti's 800m only highlights the extraodinary talent that is Sun Yang. Id be very surprised if Pizzetti can get within 6 seconds of Sun's 400, or 15 seconds of his 1500. The fact that Pizzetti was 5 seconds from Sun's 800, in my opinion only shows how easy he took that swim (which he stated in post race interview). Comparison with Pizzetti's times indicate that Sun cold probably siwm 4 or 5 seconds faster had he pulled all stops. Therefore, expect a huge textile record in the 800 from Sun this summer.

    The world will agree that Lin's 8 32 is too good of a record to go this or next year, but I don't think it will come under threat by Sun sometime during his career.

    Additionally, we have to wait on the Brazillian to show their hand, but Italy could be looking at a 5th place finish in the m4x1free relay. Dotto is looking like a potential finalist.

    I think Pellegrini is 'content' because she now has a great race model. She knows she can get ahead of Adlington and now that she knws that, for the next 3 months she knows what she needs to work on-- finishing strong. I don't think competition really affected Pelligrini. Competition usually allows swimmers to go out faster, whereas their fitness determines how they come home.

  2. There should never have been any doubt for Federica about getting out faster than Rebecca, she is atleast 2 seconds faster than Becky over 200M (I know Rebecca has yet to show her hand in the event or take it seriously). My worry for Federica is that when Adlington builds her speed work for summer as endurance athlete's tend to (Ziegler etc.) she will also be out in 2.00 flat and has a better back half, i think t best Adlington you need to be out in 1.59 at worst and have a back half left because she is like a machine her backhalf tends to be strong off any pace she sets herself. To put it into context she has a 1.58.9 200FR this year and split 2.01 at half way and still had an amazing homecoming, i have to say this year once Adlington's speed has come she is the top 400FR swimmer for me.

  3. Frederica does have a .4.01.4 in a long legged textile. With Lucas she has the advantage of Laure's training splits. They will know where they are . I think Fred can go 4.02.

    This time Fred could have more company on a fast first 200 in Palmer & Muffat & Rebecca will have some serious wash to overcome . Need to see the pool

  4. I honestly dont think Palmer, Muffat & Co. will be up for a blistering first 200M, none of them have endurance like Fed so going off with her would be a risk, also relative to her 200m times Adlington goes out incredibly fast, probably the fastest in the world relatively.
    I am sure Federica can hit a 4.02 but i think Rebecca's fantastic tactical ability will pull her through to a new Textile best.