Monday, 18 April 2011

Michael Phelps getting his Party on in Vegas

Daily Mail : Olympic bad boy Michael Phelps laps up attention from bikini girls at Las Vegas pool party. 
Michael Phelps is not just a dab hand in the swimming pool when taking part in Olympic events. It seems he's very successful at regular pool parties too as was evident last night in Las Vegas when he was surrounded by a plethora of women. The 14-time gold medal winner was living it up as he helped to kick off the 2011 season of the Encore Beach Club... In 2009 Phelps shattered his good boy image when he was pictured using a bong. He admitted to 'behaviour which was regrettable and demonstrated bad judgement' but his was not prosecuted in connection with the incident because there was insufficient evidence.

As reported by The Daily Mail, the bastion of measured journalism in this country, 'bad boy' Michael Phelps opened The Encore Club in Las Vegas on Saturday night... and this is deemed newsworthy. Big deal. Phelps proved he's back on track at the Indy GP, so what if he cashes in on his notoriety and gets to be the star attraction at a Vegas pool party. No issues from me on that one, play on playa.

There are two guys that must be livid about this story. The first is Ryan Lochte. Lochte has been tearing it up at birthday parties in Vegas, making an appearance at the NBA All Star Game, strutting up the red carpet at a Gatorade launch party... but none of this registers on the Daily Mail's radar. Phelps opens one nightclub surrounded by walking flotation aids and its international news. What does Lochte have to do to get in the Daily Mail?

The second is the guy below. If you're coming to a party hosted by one of the world's greatest ever athletes,  do a few sit-ups beforehand bro....


  1. Let them write about swimmers even though it's a paid gig for Phelps, not a competition or something. They have to mention swimming in general, Olympics and it's a promotion of a kind. It's OK with me too.

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