Friday, 6 May 2011

Yannick Agnel To Miss the 400m Free at the World Championships

After being struck down by a lung infection, Yannick Agnel has been forced to change his event schedule at the World Championships. Despite being ranked 2nd in the world this year, the Frenchman will drop the 400m Free (and likely the 4 x 100 Free) from his programme. He still plans to race in the 200m Free and 4 x 200m Free.

Clearly a big loss for Agnel and the entire French team. He wasn't a lock for a medal, however China's Sun Yang, South Korea's Park Tae Hwan and Agnel were looking like the clear Top 3 for Shanghai. Agnel's withdrawal from the event opens the door for the likes of Ous Mellouli, Peter Vanderkaay, Ryan Napoleon and Paul Biedermann.

(If he is forced to pull out of the relay) His loss will also be felt on France's 4 x 100m Free relay. He added a much needed stability to the French team, which was highlighted by his final leg on the gold medal winning relay in Dubai. The demons that have so often haunted this French relay might just start creeping back in again...


  1. A handy reminder to swim fans that illness is always a maybe factor..

    Swimmers are particularly vulnerable to water borne infections eg Glandular , weird viruses . post viral syndrome . Bacterial infections are a given ear nose throat lung & wound

    Then there is the simply limp rag effects of overtraining.

    Fans - be considerate .

  2. My, what a tough break!
    Was really looking forward to Men's 400 Free.
    It's still a deep field, but with Agnel in there, it would've been extremely intriguing. (And I wanted to see who was taller between Sun and Agnel)

    And yeah, you are right, "Anonymous."
    These world class athletes are always exposed to possible setbacks such as those, and sometimes I do forget that.

    I hope something like this doesn't happen to anyone before London.

  3. I thought that Agnel was the only possible spoiler to the Asian 1-2 punch. I felt it was possible that Park or Sun either mispaces or isn't in top form and goes a 342 or something and Agnel would grab the silver. I don't see any other swimmer in the field capable to doing this. Er rather, it would be very surprising to see this even from a swimmer like Mellouli

  4. What is Mellouli best in textile?
    Come to think of it, what is Mellouli's 1,500 textile PB?

  5. He was 345.12(400) and 746.95(800) in 07' before testing positive. You would think that he is a 14.4high swimmer at the very least.

  6. John26

    Mellouli tested positive pror to the Wcs. So those times do not count.

    He was so black hearted as to swim fully knowing he had failed . Yes he had hopes Mummy & Daddy back at the Tunisian Swimming Assoc could wipe it off with a confidential wrist slap .

    He denied the other medallists & 4th lacers their rewards. Oh & is it thus that he did not get tested during the 15 months ban?

    Phew -some ppl can never be trusted.