Tuesday, 31 August 2010

New Poll Question

Who will win the Men's 200m IM at the 2012 London Olympics?

The Contenders

 Ryan Lochte - Over the last two years Lochte has established himself as the world's best 200m IMer. World Record holder and World Champion in 2009. Pan Pacs Champion, World ranked no. 1, textile suit best time and beating Phelps in 2010.

So this poll should be obvious. Lochte is the clear winner, right?

 Michael Phelps - How many people are willing to bet against the great Michael Phelps at an Olympic Games. Think back just 2 years ago to Beijing where Phelps destroyed Lochte by over 2 seconds, surely a fit and well prepared Phelps is stronger than Lochte, right?

Tyler Clary - What about Clary? The 21 year old will be at an ideal age by the time London comes around. Clary continues to improve at an impressive rate. If he keeps on improving Lochte or Phelps might not even make the Olympic team on the 200m IM.

James Goddard - Clary's not the only guy improving. Goddard threw down an impressive 1:57.76 back in March. Goddard continues to improve on the 200m IM and has already been close to his suited best time of 1:57.12 from 2009. One huge 'x factor' on Goddard's side, swimming at a home Olympics.

Laszlo Cseh - A discussion on the 200m IM wouldn't be complete without Laszlo Cseh, the perennial runner up behind either Phelps and/or Lochte. Cseh has to be one of the most talented swimmers to have never won an Olympic Gold medal. Can Cseh get up to Lochte's/Phelps' level by 2012?


  1. The outcome of this race depends so much on event order. If the 200 IM is the same day as the 200 back like it was in 2008, Clary and Lochte (and perhaps Goddard) will be at a disadvantage.

  2. It is not really a perhaps with goddard,is it, There will only be 2 americans in the final and there are 4 americans & a japanese athlete ahead of him, So on paper he is 4th in a major champs, It could just as easily be on the same day as any other event which could hamper anyone, Is phelps definately swimming it, He cant really go for 8 golds again because the french have 2 amazing relay teams and surely they cannot mess up again, I predict:

    If phelps does not swim i think it will be:

  3. Straight odds, I'd take Phelps. Spot me 1.5 seconds, I'll take Lochte.