Thursday, 26 August 2010

Junior Pan Pacific Swimming Championships

As the dust begins to settle on a frantic couple of weeks of senior international swimming, the juniors now get a chance to show what they are made of. Junior Pan Pacs start today and it will be fascinating to see how this meet compares to the European Junior Championships that took place last month in Helsinki.

You can find results of Junior Pan Pacs - Here

Results from European Juniors - Here

The great thing about international junior competition is that you get to know some new names that are destined for big things in the future. However, certain junior swimmer have already begun to make waves in senior waters (no pun intended... but intended). Assuming they all compete, some names worth looking out for who are starting to establish themselves:-


Yolane Kukla, Australia - Fly/Free
Jasmine Tosky, USA - Fly/Free
Chelsea Chenault, USA - Free
Lia Neal, USA - Free
Miyu Otsuka, Japan - IM
Rino Hosoda, Japan - Fly
Kelly Naze, USA - Fly
Mai Harada, Japan - Back
Madison White, USA - Back
Sayaka Akase, Japan - Back
Emma McKeon, Australia - Free
Brittany Elmslie - Australia - Free
Tessa Wallace, Australia - Breast
Rebecca Kemp, Australlia - Breast
Andrea Kropp, USA - Breast
Saya Kuroiwa, Japan - Breast


David Nolan, USA - IM/Fly
Evan Pinion, USA - Free
Clay Youngquist, USA - Free
Jayden Hadler, Australia - Fly
Kenneth To, Australia - Free
Masaya Kano, Japan - Breast
Daiya Seto, Japan - IM
Declan Potts, Australia - Free
Hirofumi Ikebata, Japan - Fly
Ryan Murphy, USA - Back
Akihiro Yamaguchi, Japan - Breast
Christopher Ashwood, Australia - Free

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