Saturday, 28 July 2012

Speed Endurance Olympic Swimming Predictions - Male Relays

The time has finally arrived, it is Olympic prediction time! Odds to win also included. It is well worth checking out the odds to finish in the top 3 too, some good value there. Make it rain!


4x100 Free
1. Australia (8/11)
2. France (11/2)
3. USA (10/3)

Sorry America, if Magnussen, Roberts, Agnel and Gilot are at 100%, I'm ruling you out for the top two spots. Phelps pulling out of the 200 free helps, but can he really get down to the 47 low that is likely needed to stay in contention? I might even be tempted to swim Adrian first and have Phelps try to chase down someone with a superhuman feat.

4x200 Free
1. USA (4/11)
2. France (4/1)
3. Germany (30/1)

USA and France will be well clear in this one, and it could be closer than a lot of people expect. The power of Lochte and Phelps on the same team should see the stars and stripes being hoisted high, but not without a fight. If Biedermann is in form, the Germans have the depth to see them through for bronze with China, Australia and Russia close behind.

4x100 Medley
1. USA (1/2)
2. Australia (11/2)
3. Japan (7/1)

The top two spots look secure, USA are stronger than last year with Grevers and Hansen at the front and Australia have also become faster. Bronze will likely come down to Japan, France, Germany and Russia. Japan's first two legs can match anyone in the world, they just need to hang on.

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  1. You should consider Brazil for Bronze on Medley...

    If you take the best times (2011 and 2012) of the four swimmers Brazil is 0.2 behind JPN and ahead of the others..