Friday, 27 July 2012

Speed Endurance Olympic Swimming Predictions - Butterfly

The time has finally arrived, it is Olympic prediction time! Odds to win also included. It is well worth checking out the odds to finish in the top 3 too, some good value there. Make it rain!


100 fly
1. Michael Phelps (1/2)
2. Tyler McGill (11)
3. Milorad Cavic (7)

It would be great to see a 100% Cavic challenging Phelps, but it is probably wishful thinking given the serious injury Cavic has come back from. Tyler McGill gave Phelps a great race at US Trials and could just hold off Cavic for a US 1-2. Phelps should have this one in the bag though.

200 fly
1. Michael Phelps (1/4)
2. Takeshi Matsuda (11/2)
3. Bence Biczo (100/1)

Talking of having a race in the bag, it would take a brave man to best against Phelps. Matsuda isn't without a chance though and has been an impressive 1:54.0 this year. Bronze is wide open with Nick D'Arcy, Wu Peng, Tyler Clary and Chad Le Clos all challenging, but I'm going for a Hungarian upset with Bence Biczo coming of age to take a medal.


100 fly
1. Dana Vollmer (5/4)
2. Sarah Sjoestrem (9/2)
3. Alicia Coutts (6/1)

I was close to picking Sjoestroem ahead of Vollmer. The American has proven to be the fastest 100 fly swimmer in the world, but she has now been slower from semis to finals in the past two major competitions. She no longer has a big enough buffer over the competition to do that again in London. Coutts comes to London slightly under the radar, but she has proven herself on the big stage for the last two years.

200 fly
1. Jiao Liuyang (7/2)
2. Ellen Gandy (8/1)
3. Natsumi Hoshi (11/4)

This race is wide open. Gandy looks to be the strongest Brit and will hopefully get a boost from the home crowd, Jiao Liuyang gets the nod though for her Olympic silver and World gold medals. Camille Adams is an american on a charge and I was tempted to slot her in for bronze, but Hoshi has been too strong for over a year now. One of the most open races on the swimming schedule.

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