Saturday, 28 July 2012

Speed Endurance Olympic Swimming Predictions - Medley

The time has finally arrived, it is Olympic prediction time! Odds to win also included. It is well worth checking out the odds to finish in the top 3 too, some good value there. Make it rain!


200 IM
1. Michael Phelps (10/11)
2. Ryan Lochte (6/5)
3. James Goddard (100/1)

Two big calls to make for this pick, one was Phelps over Lochte. It is incredibly close between the two men, but I think Phelps just has the upper hand when both men are at their best, add to that the fact that Lochte also has the 200 back final to contend with earlier in the night. I'm also taking Goddard over Cseh, Pereira and Deibler. Definitely a touch of the old British-tinted glasses, but Goddard has trained exclusively for this race and has the mentality to come good on big occasions.

400 IM
1. Ryan Lochte (3/4)
2. Michael Phelps (5/4)
3. Kosuke Hagino (50/1)

I just can't see Phelps getting past Lochte in this event, perhaps I will be proven wrong, but two things work against Phelps, a) the lack of training he put in for a few years between Olympics and b) his shift of focus to the sprint events. Hagino's my pick for bronze after his 4:10.26 earlier this year.


200 IM
1. Caitlin Leverenz (7/1)
2. Ariana Kukors (13/2)
3. Ye Shiwen (3/1)

What a race this could be. Leverenz and Kukors are not common picks, but I'm backing them for London. Ye Shiwen, Steph Rice and Alicia Coutts will all be there or there abouts, and Mireia Belmonte, Hannah Miley and Katinka Hosszu should make up the final.

400 IM
1. Elizabeth Beisel (11/10)
2. Katinka Hosszu  (10/1)
3. Hannah Miley (5/1)

Beisel is the one to beat and I think there is still more to come from her US Trials swim. Katinka Hosszu has had a busy year racing but has yet to show us what she can do fully tapered. Hannah Miley has a chance to win the entire race, but I have her pegged in for bronze in a tight battle with Steph Rice, Mireia Belmonte and Caitlin Leverenz.


  1. Wow. And I'm the one who's biased towards Americans? I could see one of the Americans medaling in the 200 IM, but 1-2? That seems far fetched. I hope you're right, but I doubt it.

  2. Stephanie Rice can potentialy medal in both medleys and i actually doubt Kukors/Leverenz would make the podium ahead of Coutts and Kukors

  3. Stephanie Rice can potentialy medal in both medleys and i actually doubt Kukors/Leverenz would make the podium ahead of Coutts and Rice

  4. after today 400 IM.. Ye Shiwen is the REAL FAVORITE for gold on 200... even on 400 she can grab that.

  5. I'm sticking with Beisel in the 400 IM - she looked much more relaxed this morning - but yeah Ye will be good in the 200. Picked her from the start.

  6. Ye had an amazing end on free.. but her 400IM showed she improved all other 3 styles..

  7. This is the last Olympics that USA will be ahead of China,and it will happen in London thanks to Lochte. As usual, all of you underestimate the chinese. Shiwen was clearly among the favourites, but never mentioned here. Even in 200im she is not rated very high here, but she will crush everyone. China will end with at least 5 golds - 2 today plus 1500, 200im, 200fly- but it is not impossible that they get 6 or even 7. And in Rio de Janeiro it will be more than 10, leading the table.

  8. more than 10? where they will get more gold from?!

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