Saturday, 16 June 2012

Video of Federica Pellegrini's Confidence Boosting 200m Free Today

Great video of Federica Pellegrini winning the 200m Freestyle at the Sette Colli Trophy today in 1:56.32. Watch out for Femke Heemskerk with the early speed...


  1. Pellegrini has a remarkable calmness and knows how 2 swim her own race which will be a must come london. However, she'l need to drop 2-2.5 seconds win olympic gold...

  2. anyone got any idea what she said in the interview? sounds interesting

    1. I didn't get all of it and I don't know what the situation was, but at the beginning she said she was really touched and had shivers. She was dedicating that swim to Emiliano Brembilla. (I don't know why, though, or she was crying.) Then she was saying that she had two really good opponents and she expected Sjostrom to be better than Heemskerk, but it ended up being the opposite.

  3. Yes, it was an impressive swim and almost an exact mirror of what she did in Shanghai last summer. What concerns me is the following: Pellegrini is not swimming any differently from last year:

    Sette Colli 28.11 57.67 (29.56) 1:27.43 (29.76) 1:56.32 (28.89)
    Euro: 28.18 57.41 (29.80) 1:27.21 (29.55) 1:56.76 (29.55)
    Shanghai: 27.62(29.42) 57.04 (29.14) 1:26.18 (29.40) 1:55.58 (29.40)

    In other words, she does not appear to manage to have improved her front end. She is still behind at the start, and not overly impressive on her turns. This race is only impressive in that her biggest 3 competitors that have emerged over the last 10 months are not in the field.

    With out any majoring improvements technically or strategically (that we can see), to me, the only possitive from this race is that Pellegrini is faster than she was this point last year. But I question that her overall improved conditioning will be enough to bridge the gap.

    Based on what I've seen of this year, I question her ability to break 1:55.00, if she does, it wouldn't be by the staggering amount it will take to win. That said, I do not believe it is in her capacity to win this race in London, she would be extremely lucky to win the silver, and fortunate to even medal.

  4. agreeing mostly w/john26's analysis here.

    unless ms pellegrini has something up her sleeve that she's been hiding all this time and will unleash upon her competitors in the London pool, her back end speed won't be enough to overhaul the "new crop" who all have equivalent or even superior closing pace on her, and who won't play into her strategy by taking it out easy at the front end!

    muffat has to be favored for now for gold, but i have a feeling schmitt is going to surprise an awful lot of people come the american trials, she will give muffat all that she can handle - and more.

    as for the minor medal(s), we should see sjostrom battling it out with pellegrini, perhaps one of the aussies will also be a factor. i like the swede for her potential and recent improvements to be the one who will come in behind schmitt & muffatt.

    1. Well let's not rule out another American here.

      I'm referring to Dana Vollmer, of course.

      She's been on a roll since Shanghai, and considering that her untapered & unrested 100 fly times have come dangerously close this year to the last world champs, the Americans can conceivably mount a 1-2 assault on the international frontrunners in this event...

  5. I think Franklin can win this.

    She will not have any other event on the night 200 free final, so I think she can go 1:54low

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