Friday, 15 June 2012

Camille Muffat is the Overwhelming Favourite For Gold in the 400m Freestyle

The Speed Endurance readers have spoken - Camille Muffat is now the overwhelming favourite to win the 400m Freestyle at the London Olympics.

The Results:

Camille Muffat - 62.5%

Rebecca Adlington - 14.5%

Federica Pellegrini - 14.5%

Allison Schmitt - 4.2%

Other - 4.2%


  1. Muffat will have much better chance to win 400 than 200.

    In the 200, she will have stiffer competitors: Schmitt, Pellegrini, Sjoestrom, and last but deadliest: Missy Franklin.

  2. objectiveswimfan16 June 2012 at 00:33

    Sorry but I think you're much too optimistic as to Franklin's chances in the 200. She hadn't posted a single eye-catching time from the Grand Prix series this year compared to 2011. In fact Franklin has looked very vulnerable going up against Muffat & Schmitt in-season, in particular in the closing stretches. These two have been beasts all year long toying with and tearing up the competition using their easy speed and devastating closing speed, all in the middle of hard training too.

    You can see that reflected on this poll, with Muffat the runaway 400 fave despite the remarkable Adlington on home soil and never-to-be-understimated Pellegrini.

    Yes let's give the gold to Franklin right now in her pet event (200 bk) - though Hocking may have an issue with that lol.

    But unlike Franklin peaking at worlds last year and taking advantage of a sparse racing schedule while under little media pressure, this is an Olympic year where extraordinary but generally underrated talents such as Muffat, Schmitt, Sjostrom & Kromowidjojo have really stepped up and come into a league of their own, posting times that almost appear suit-aided compared to the anemic rankings from 2010-2011.

    So unless you prefer to relive the glories of the past or attribute superhuman potential to Franklin such as the ability to drop 3-4 seconds from her taper (as if her training is anything as vigorous as Lochte's or the Gators!), let's give some credit to the other ladies for what they have and are about to achieve!

  3. I'd rather agree with the original Aswimfan.. If anything, Missy Franklin will leave London with 5gold... The American ladies will sweep the relays and Missy will win @ least 200free/200back... She has the ability 2 go sub 1.54 in the 200free and sub 2.05/200back... Believe it or not, her biggest competitor in the 200back will be Kirsty Coventry who's been under the radar but will be ready 2 defend her title... The 200free will be Missy's coming out party in London. Muffat will win 400free... The 200free will be an open race and anyone from Franklin, Schmitt, Pellegrini, Muffat and Sjostrom as potential medallists...

  4. Dear original Anonymous,

    You wrote:
    1) "Missy will win @ least 200free/200back... She has the ability 2 go sub 1.54 in the 200free"
    2) "The 200free will be an open race"
    So make up your mind, which one is it to be??!

    Are you from the States? Just asking as "The American ladies will sweep the relays" seems wildly optimistic to say the least!

    You seem to have conveniently overlooked that Missy trains in 25m pools as the Colorado Stars don't have a full fledged facility to call their own.

    Her schoolwork and prom takes priority over training for the Olympics.

    Her coach does not subject her to the same intensity and duration of yardage or dryland work as other Olympian hopefuls: ie tapering will correspondingly produce less of a drastic improvement.

    Talent no matter the potential doesn't always trump hard training, motivation and specialization.

    Most Europeans will tell you that Camille is the one to beat, not Missy (at least in the 400 & 200). Same with Ranomi in the 100.

    Anonymous #2

    1. I agree with this, the 200m Free is so open. Missy could well win, but the European ladies could also go 1,2,3 with Muffat, Sjoestroem and Pellegrini. Very open race, as a European my money is on Muffat followed by Pellegrini and Schmitt. I see Allison as the main US threat.

  5. Dear Anon #2. Inasmuch as the 200free is 'open', that is 2 say, up 2 5ladies have potential 2 win gold, Missy has the ability 2 deliver when it matters most so i think she'l touch the wall 1st... The 200back is a lock for Missy, and i agree with u; Muffat will be the one 2 beat in the 400.
    Yours truly,
    Anon #1