Sunday, 10 June 2012

Chinese Sprinter Li Zhesi Tests Positive - Chinese Reaction

Sad news coming out of China. 16 year old sprinter Li Zhesi has tested positive for EPO. She led off China's 4th placed 4 x 100m Freestyle relay last year in Shanghai.

You have to hope that this is an isolated case. For the most part China have had a good record with anti-doping offences over the last few years.

Interestingly, the news site Sina had a poll to gauge the public's response to the positive test. The results are below:

The Chinese public do not seem willing to give Li Zhesi the benefit of doubt on this on. 62.5% believe that Chinese sport is now tainted with scandal, compared to a combined 19.1% that believe it was either an accident or are waiting for  further details to be released before passing judgement.


  1. This particular case, I can only describe as shocking. I personally take anything coming out of Chinese government-related bodies' mouths with a grain of salt. Anything could be invented or exaggerated/understated, or even hidden.

    And I think we can get a more accurate picture of the poll results if the translations were more accurate. Having seen the original Chinese, here's my translation:

    "Frustrating/disappointing; a scandal has appeared in Chinese sports yet again."

    "Saddening; Chinese swimming team has sustained a blow."

    "Surprising; waiting for verification by the results."

    "Can't really say; wait and see."

    1. Thanks for the translations Kenneth.

  2. I am shocked I tell you Shocked.

    In 2011 they finally admitted that their women's gymnastic team of 1999 was underage. FIG hunted down the denied Ukrainians -only a few bothered to turn up to get their medal. It is sad to think that the UKes could have used that medal to get some financial assistance Now it just reminds them of a wasted youth.

    China sucks. And I don't believe them at all.

    1. So in the new century of clean Chinese sport we might expect China to admit their 2008 gymnastic team was also underage. Perhaps a Great leap Forward in honesty & maybe they will admit by 2019.