Thursday, 7 June 2012

Swimmers Nick D'Arcy and Kenrick Monk pose with guns. There are no reported injuries.

How is this news?

Would there have been such a media outcry had two other, less high profile swimmers posted these pictures on facebook. I doubt it.

My biggest problem with the picture above is not the fact they are holding guns, it is Nick D'Arcy's dodgy grin.


  1. no doubt they are both d-bags but the press outrage over this photo is crazy.

    1. I do not know these guys, but from what we have heard about D'arcy, he of all people should stay out of trouble. It's to ez to get the feeling that this guy is indeed a d-bag.

  2. In the matter of Nick Darcy, questions must arise as to whether the International Olympics Committee has tarnished its own reputation by failing to uphold its own values. The Olympic Charter, Chapter 5. II Eligibility Code, states that to be eligible a competitor must "respect the spirit of fair play and non violence, and behave accordingly.” In 2008 Nick D’Arcy assaulted swimming champion Simon Cowley. He was convicted in a criminal court and given a 14-month suspended jail sentence. In effect, a criminal court found D’Arcy violated ‘the spirit of...non violence’ through his violent actions. He was rightly taken off the Beijing Olympic team. In 2011, D’Arcy was ordered by a civil court to pay Simon Cowley $180,000 in compensation plus costs ($350k+). Later in October D’Arcy filed for bankruptcy; in effect, he brutally assaulted Simon Cowley then sent him back all his bills to nurse his life-long injuries. By any accounts this shows complete disregard for the notion of ‘fair play’. Some might wonder whether the IOC, the AOC, and Swimming Australia have lost sight of the true spirit of the Olympics by allowing this criminal to compete?

    1. Just when does the 'swim champion ' adjective retire. Simon was a junior champ -hardly dictating a life long tag.

      I won a ribbon for a 100 mtr race once - I shal thus describe myself as athletics champion .

      If Cowley wants be an International & Eternal Victim -then suck it up . Enjoy your fame. After all no one will remember him for anything else.

  3. FGS _ Craig Lord has gone stupid. Each time (& he seeks them out ) he tells the story he embellishes it . Last week it was Darcy knocking Cowley (who is huge ) to the floor . This week is him pumelling his face into a blob etc.

    It was a fractured jaw -a common occurance in Sydney's bars. (I knew someone who was punched in a taxi line &with similar medical results & received $10,000 in compensation. As compensation I would guess $20,000 at most. Cowley chose to go the civil court action when it could have been mediated.

    Yes it requires wiring & sipping through a straw for several weeks People get it broken surgically for jaw re alignment so it is not a suffering unique for Cowley. Cowley piled on the victim status . To my mind it is a not all uncommon for a successful juniot swimmers -particularly breastroke to become unhinged when their body grows away from breastroke.

    (That vicious barb that the former African female breastroker aimed at BRITISH SWIMMING WAS AN EXAMPLE _BUT SHE LIKE cowley went on to financial career success (Cowley ) - Oxford entry . for the girl . I can name many others.

    As for the photo. Lets admit it - we Australians & Brits share many things with the USA but it is not the guns. It is their Constitutional Right & when we see these shops we are stunned. They are literally on every high street & even in Walmart! I wanted to go in & touch but I was too scared .

    These pics are fact. The truth should never be hidden for the sake of whatever it is here.

    BTW I love that grin . That is the stylistic dramatic touch that Heath Ledger conjured up for The Joker.

    Lighten up guys.
    Thee is nothing illegal or immoral or bad choices in these pics.

  4. HeHe Now Eammon says that in 2007 Australian Swimming sent the team to a rifle range using loaded guns for bonding!

    I shall suggest to the AOC that they immediately do something about this . Take Nick & Kendrick off to an internment camp - so that we can see Nick & Kendrick peering out from behind the wire. Might as well put Stephanie there as well for Faggot- ing the lily white South Africans ) so as to be more photogenic.

    Plus they could put all underperformed London Athletes there after the games -just to show them who is boss.

  5. What's with the hatred towards Cowley?
    Cowley has every right to seek compensation for what happened. Darcy should have been made to pay.

    Honestly, some people.