Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wait... Stanford has TWO 50m pools next to each other?!

This must be photoshopped, right? I mean there is no way that the United Kingdom (pop: 62,000,000) has a grand total of thirty five 50m pools (6 Olympic size), yet Stanford University (15,000 students, 64,000 Palo Alto residents) has two right next to each other....

... don't even get me started on the Music Rehearsal Facility next door.


  1. I'm Sure that Britain has less than 35!!! London has only 2-3 that I know of, without the Olympic pool.

  2. A big part of Bill Sweetenham's blueprint was to increase the number of Olympic sized pools.

    In 2000 it was noted that UK had 6 & Australia had 1500.

    Australians have a national fixation with 50 m pools. People who are lousy swimmers still insist on a 50m rather than an economic 25/25 mixed use.

    What is more they complain if there are more than 2 per lane to disrupt their 'laps'.

  3. Bill's blueprint for Britain that is.

    Most of the pools in Australia were built for the post war children 50s-60s as a tribute to the servicemen & women hence every country town has a "Memorial Pool".

  4. Hall of Fame complex in Ft. Lauderdale also has two different 50M pools plus a diving pool with both springboards and 10M tower that can be set up for 25 yard lap lanes if need be. One pool short of Stanford, but still not bad, even if the main pool is a bit shallow.