Monday, 1 August 2011

Relive Sun Yang Breaking Grant Hackett's Historic World Record

If you missed Sun Yang's historic 1500m Freestyle yesterday, don't worry. Relive the closing moments in the video below. To gauge how other swimming fans felt during the race, you can also read the transcript from the chat room as the record edged closer and finally fell.

Chat Transcript

Speed Endurance: 

splitting almost identically to Hackett... needs to find 2.7 seconds towards the end 

12:02 [Comment From GuestGuest: ] 

wonder what hacketts thinking 


"should i make a comeback" 

12:02 aswimfan: 

sun yang normally negative splitting 

12:03 chris: 

picking it up a little 

12:03 [Comment From GuestGuest: ] 

hes throwing in the odd double breath 

12:03 aswimfan: 

well it works for him 

12:04 chris: 

everyone is just...waiting 

12:05 aswimfan: 

was it 7:47? 

12:05 chris: 

yeah looks like sun yang's going to get it 

12:05 Speed Endurance: 


12:05 aswimfan: 

he can still do it 

12:06 hagger: 

three seconds behind, you sure? I'd love to see it 

12:06 chris: 

well, hackett slowed at the end 

12:06 aswimfan: 

theres still 650 to go 

12:06 hagger: 

alright I'll keep my fingers crossed 

12:06 aswimfan: 

he can make it up 

12:06 chris: 

ignore how far he is from the wr pace and just look at what he's splitting 

12:06 Speed Endurance: 

Hackett put in some 59s at the end of his swim 

12:07 aswimfan: 

remember his crazy splits in 800: 3:51+ 3:47 

12:07 chris: 

ah, i though he picked it up, but cochrane just fell back 

12:07 NODZ: 

please dont die cochrane... 

12:07 speed_endurance: 

Sun Yang is 3 seconds down on world record pace, but Hackett swam 59s towards the end #ThereIsStillHope #FINA2011 [via Twitter]

12:08 aswimfan: 

can you imagine the crowd if he breaks WR 

12:08 13ten13: 

he picked up .4 on the wr on that 100 

12:08 chris: 

going to be real close... 

12:09 aswimfan: 

hes picking it up 

12:09 aswimfan: 

back to 2.7 from 3 

12:09 aswimfan: 

he seems getting faster 

12:09 chris: 

he neds to go 1:54 

12:10 chris: 

29 29 28 26 and change and he has it 

12:10 aswimfan: 

this is going to be very very close 

12:10 aswimfan: 

i think my heart is palpitating 

12:10 aswimfan: 

get the WR! 

12:10 chris: 

what's hackett's exact time? 

12:10 aswimfan: 

crowd is getting louder 

12:10 NODZ: 

holy crap what a last 100 

12:10 aswimfan: 


12:11 chris: 

nay he won't get it 

12:11 hagger: 

picked it up to late 

12:11 hagger: 


12:11 chris: 


12:11 13ten13: 

oh my goddd!!!! 


14:34.14 - Sun Yang has broken the iconic World Record of Grant Hackett. #Stunning #FINA2011 [via Twitter]

12:11 chris: 

25 closer 

12:11 aswimfan: 


12:11 13ten13: 

amazing last 50 

12:11 13ten13: 

holy god 

12:11 aswimfan: 

last 50 was crazy 

12:12 [Comment From GuestGuest: ] 


12:12 [Comment From GuestGuest: ] 


12:12 chris: 

he closed that faster than anyone in the 800,400,200 and some of the 100 swimmers 

12:12 hagger: 

and he doesnt look all that tire 

12:13 hagger: 


12:13 [Comment From AmorosiAmorosi: ] 



  1. Fantastic stuff!

  2. I was clutching the dude in front of me's chair in the stands as I watched in horror as he was +3 seconds off at some point. I found relief in that it was faster than what he was last year at this point. However, I was afraid that because the crowd was so deafening that Sun thought he was ALREADY at WR pace. If you closed your eyes and just used you ears you would've probably thought he was ahead of the pace the entire way! Great stuff. It was amazing watching commentary for the first time-- I didnt realize +2 seconds is such a big difference at the 1380 mark. If I saw that red line so far ahead, I probably wouldve gotten a heartattack while watching live.