Thursday, 25 August 2011

British Swimming Finds a New Star

Express and Star Water baby Caitlin Morris has caused a sensational splash by swimming unaided across the nine-metre width of a pool – at the age of just two. Caitlin, from Stourport, could swim before she could walk and her doggy-paddle style stroke got her across the width in 47 seconds.

YES! We've done it! Britain has found their very own 'wonderkid'! Step aside Michael Phelps, Ian Thorpe, Missy Franklin etc... Caitlin Morris will soon make you all look like Eric Moussambani. Here is a serious question: Will London 2012 come too soon for Caitlin Morris?

Did anyone else shed a tear when they read 'Caitlin could swim before she could walk'? This is exactly what we should be doing here in Britain. For the record, I 100% agree with this new trend of water-dwelling athletes. It is the future of our sport.

If a major sports agency is not actively trying to sign up Caitlin, then they need to find a new profession. Why? Because Caitlin Morris IS 'Straight Cash, Homey'.

(Thanks to Swimmer's Daily for the video)


  1. As a swim teacher I did babies & specialized in toddlers.

    Depending on their lifestyle some babies need more aggressive progression eg if they have a pool ,live near a beach ,river ,dam etc.

    One mother brought her 4 month old (the minimum age ) & as the family were always around unfamiliar water (her dad was a wP coach ) I applied alearning curve that I had to explain to other parents because it looked cruel.

    However not only did that baby wow people across the globe at competitions (not hers of course ) but her Mum became a swim teacher also.

  2. Another miracle "swam-before-she-could-walk" British kid ... I suspect that you are breeding them ;-)