Thursday, 25 August 2011

Janet Evans Comeback Update (With Video)

We haven't checked in on the Janet Evans comeback story for a while, so here is a treat for you... a video from her recent 800m race at the Southern Pacific Masters meet in California.

Three things I love about this video:

1) The camera angle. We are watching this race as if we are sitting at the end of her lane. Talk about getting up close and personal to the action.
2) She is still sporting her famous windmill style stroke. Hey, it took19 years for someone to break her world record and she still has the 3rd fastest 800m Free time of all-time, why change?
3) The commentator. He manages to make Janet Evans older with every passing comment. She apparently won gold at the 1972 Olympics and was an age grouper in the sixties?!


  1. I like to see Janet swim because thats how I swam & stil do. No matter how many drills & kicks I did I always reverted to the natural simple -just get those arms over -thing.

    The weakness is -as Janet is bordering on here because she is not in full fitness -is to breath a micro sec too soon which shortens the breathing arm u/water .

    The slap entry is much emore fun than all that glide entry stuff.

    If you have /or are a swimmer like this the best training is pullbuoy breathing every 3/5 with soft finger paddles. Notice hoe Janet goes 46-48 strokes per lap. At that arm angle thee is very little pressure on the rotator cuffs .

    I tend to think a modicum of shoulder inflexibility is handy. Not the current CV /talent lookout point but it gives shoulder stabilit. A more flex shoulder will give a larger angle but create more stress.

    There has to be a reason why womens distance stars of the 70s are still way competitive.

  2. Please help me for Christ sake


  4. Great looking and very inspirational athlete.
    I hope she is very successful in her Olympic bid!