Monday, 7 March 2011

Pellegrini Responds, 3:57.59 - 400 SCM Free

Clearly outraged at the attention Rebecca Adlington garnered from her 4:02.84 400 LCM Free on Saturday night, Federica Pellegrini responded emphatically.

Yesterday she became the first Italian to break a national record since the suit law changes, winning the 400 SCM Free in a time of 3:57.59. Her 100m splits were 58.99, 1:00.61, 59.17 and 58.82. Not bad for someone in heavy training. Back in December Pellegrini won Bronze in Dubai with a time of 3:59.52, behind Katie Hoff's winning time of 3:57.07.

Worryingly for the rest of the world, it looks like working with Philippe Lucas is already paying dividends.

Italian National Team Championship Results - Here (In the two day meet, she also won the 800m Free in 8:21.24 on Day One)

(Hat tip to Paul Dudley (@paulduds) for the info)


  1. Great time, Shanghai could see fireworks, although i would not read to much into her training, she has always seemed to swim well in heavy training.

  2. It's been a great fight. I would like to congratulate this athlete for this! It calls for a celebration!