Friday, 25 March 2011

Fabien Gilot wins the 100m Free at French Nationals in 48.34

Dominant. From start to finish


  1. Wow, so no 100 Free solo spots for Bernard and Bousquet. Those are some fantastic times.

    And Agnel, a triple threat!

    I'm kind of wondering though, why so much screaming from the tv people at the national trial??
    I understand that the meet is very competitive, but the intensity would seem to befit a much bigger event. ^^?

  2. My favorite commentary is the French one because they make the occasion so grand for viewership. When I watch replays of big races, I always try to find the French ones, it gives it a whole new feel. The American broadcasting could learn something from them

  3. Extremely well swam final. I was surprised to read in the french newspaper that Gilot's coach was slightly disappointed by the time. I'm guessing he wanted Gilot to break 48 seconds.

    GIlot's relay anchor last summer has shown he was worth 47.8 flat start, let's hope he can get down there by summer. If he does, I don't think Bernard would've beaten him even if he had made the cut.

    I was a bit disappointed that Agnel didn't make the top two, because I wanted to see what he could do at this distance in a full final and so he could gain some experience. But at this point, its fairly likely that he could swim this event individually in London.

    Vlad Morozov the next sprint sensation? Agnel is 7 days older, and I'd be surprised if Morozov will be "faster" by the end of the year. With Bernard out of the picture, Agnel doubtlessly receive immense French media attention as their biggest star, especially if he manages to medal in the 400, and beats Phelps and/or Lochte, and therefore, medal in the 200.

  4. Be interesting to track Morozov's and Angel's development. Morozov has speed to burn and he's young but Angel is coming down from the 400... My money is on Angel. I think he's going to amazing and he's my dark horse pick this year, in Shanghai, in the 200.