Monday, 21 March 2011

Championnats de France - March 23-27

Following in the wake of recent major competitions in Britain and Holland, France is the next country to show their hand.

Alongside the big names of French swimming, there will be a number of non-French stars competing in Strasbourg including: Inge Dekker, Femke Heemskerk, Jeanette Ottesen, Kim Vandenburg, Lotte Friis, Bradley Ally, Mads Glaesner, Aschwin Wildeboer & Igor Borysik.

Entry List - HERE
Event List - HERE
Results - HERE

Finals will be broadcast on French Eurosport.

UPDATE - This meet is FAST. On Day One - Yannick Agnel just swam 3:43.85 in the 400m Free. 13th all-time. Camille Lacourt, comme d'habitude, just swam 52.44 on the 100m Back, only 6 men have ever swam quicker(including his effort last year), none in textile.


  1. Ooh la la~ hot poster.
    Looking forward to reading about some fast times.

  2. Despite hype about Yannick Agnel, I don't think anyone has put him on the prediction list for taking home a medal this summer, what times do you think he'll need to swim this week for you guys to think otherwise?

  3. Agnel just broke the french record in 3"43'85
    This year he didn't swim a single 400 LC before the franch championship:

  4. That is a superb time from Agnel.

    He has to be considered Europe's no.1 challenger in the 400 Free this year at World's.

  5. When I asked the above question last night, I was thinking that he was probably going to post a time about a second slower than he did-- which would probably sets himself up for a solid 4rth or at worst 5th at worlds this summer.

    However, I've noticed that he has posted the same time Thorpe did in 99' just before breaking Pierken's WR by 2 seconds five months later. If he follows a similar trend, Agnel is looking at a medal, quite possibly silver.

    Even if he doesn't improve "at the rate of Thorpe", he's still the best non-asian hope for a medal this summer.

  6. Great by the guys! Agnel just brilliant as was Camille, also noteworthy are the performances of De Ronchi & Grangeon who for me never looked capable of their respective times.

  7. Agnel, indeed, the best "non-Asian" hope for Men's 400 Free! (still sounds weird)

    To be honest, I hadn't heard too much of him and wasn't going to buy into the hype until he proved it with something like 3:43 in textile, so that's great for him.

    Looking forward to his 200 Free.

  8. here is a link where we see photos of laure swimming in the strasbourg cooling pool today.

  9. oop forgot to post the link :

  10. She's looks good to me. Thanks for the link.

    Its going to be fascinating to see what kind of times she can do when she races again.

  11. I'm with Robin, since i never really got into swimming myself at any sort of formidable level, I can't tell if someone had extraordinary potential unless it was very obviously.
    i didn't want to buy into the Agnel hype, but its becoming harder to deny. After this weekend, it could be conceivable for him to win at least 4 medals this summer.