Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Speed Endurance Watchlist for 2011

If you are expecting to read about Sun Yang, Yannick Agnel, Missy Franklin, Yolane Kukla, Ye Shiwen and others who have had widespread coverage this past year you will be disappointed. All of the above have had their breakthroughs and should continue to have a lot of success in 2011 and beyond.

Instead, here is the Speed Endurance Watchlist for 2011 that includes names you might not have heard about.... As always, if there are any others that you feel deserve a mention, add them in the comments below.

Vladimir Morozov, Born 1992, USA  - Currently in his first year at USC (training with Dave Salo), you will hear a lot more about Morozov when NCAA's roll around. Sprint Freestyle is his specialty although he can also swim a great fly and backstroke. With a 22.13 LC 50m Free effort in 2010, Morozov has a legitimate shot at making the US senior team in 2011 soon..

Andriy Govorov, 92, UKR - One of the more well known swimmers on this list after his 50m Fly silver at the World Short Course Champs. However, if you haven't heard of him, he is a lightning quick 18-year-old Ukrainian. Govorov was ranked 9th in the world last year over 50m LC  Fly with 23.46 and was 28th in the 50m Free with 22.27.

Chelsea Chenault, 94, USA - The winner of the 200 and 400m Free at Jr Pan Pacs. Her best times of 1:58.52 and 4:09.80 ranked her 29th in the world in both events. Composure doesn't seem to be a problem after making the A Finals of US Nationals and then winning at Jr Pan Pacs. NBAC's Camryne Morris, also born 94, isn't far behind after posting 4:10.00 at the Mare Nostrum meet in Barcelona last year.

Yuuki Kabori, 93, JAP - Japan has a strength in depth that will suprise many and Kabori is one of their leading youngsters. He was impressive at Pan Pacs making the final of the 200m Free. His time of 1:47.92 from the Asian Games ranked him 25th in the world last year. He is also pretty handy at Fly (52.60 and 1:57.55 for the 100/200m Fly).

Anne Bochmann, 93, GBR - Starting to garner attention in England, whilst the rest of the world is still focusing on Adlington, Jackson and Carlin. She has the pedigree after winning European Juniors in 2008. Can also turn her hand to IM and swam an impressive 200m IM (2:13.80) in August. An improvement over 200m Free in 2011 could seriously boost Britains medal prospects in the 4 x 200m Free relay in Shanghai.

Evan Pinion, 94, USA - The young American won the 800 (7:58) & 1500m (15:17) Free double at Jr Pan Pacs and picked up a bronze in the 400m Free (3:52.56). At 16, those times are incredible in events that its not unusual to see large drops in time from year to year. A promising sign for US distance swimming is the fact that Pinion was still ranked behind Arthur Frayler, 93 (15:07) and Sean Ryan, 92 (15:04) in the 1500m Free in 2010.

Marie Kamimura, 95, JAP & Sayaka Akase, JAP, 94 - Women's Backstroke has a number of talented youngsters who are already challenging for major honours. Pelton, Franklin, Beisel and Bootsma are all now firmly established on the world stage, however Japan has two new women to add to the mix. Kamimura ranked 19th last year in the 100m Back (1:00.70) and 11th in the 200m Back (2:08.52), whilst Akase won the 100 and 200m Backstrokes at Jr Pan Pacs by some distance in 1:00.82 and 2:09.07 respectively.

Rino Hosada, 95, JAP  - Jr Pan Pacs winner in the 100m Fly, her 58.45 at the Japan Open ranked her 19th in the world last year. She is just a second away from threatening the Top 5 in the world. Japan's second entry on the list.

Bence Biczo, 93, HUN - Biczo's 1:55.82 in the 200m Fly at European Juniors was good enough for 10th in the world in 2010. When Michael Phelps was 17 he swam 1:54.86. Pretty good company to be in. Commonwealth and World Short Course champion Chad Le Clos is a year older than Biczo and has attracted more attention this year, but the Hungarian still had the faster long course time by over half a second.

Anton Lobanov, 92, RUS - The young breaststroke ace has started to establish his name in 2010 and impressed at European Juniors and on the senior circuit towards the end of the year, culminating in a bronze medal at the European Short Course Championships. Equally adept at both 100m and 200m Breaststroke, he has the potential to outperform compatriot Grigory Falko in 2011.

Daiya Seto, 94, JAP - It is not often that a 16 year old male wins an event on the World Cup circuit, but that is exactly what Daiya Seto did in Stockholm. Winning the 200m Fly in a time of 1:53.57 put him 13th in the world last year short course. Seto finished down in fourth in the 200m Fly at Jr Pan Pacs this year, behind the winner Jayden Hadler, 93, AUS, who along with Kenneth To, 92, AUS and Mitch Larkin, 93, AUS represent Australia's most talented young male swimmers, and had a stellar year both LC and SC.

Alessia Polieri, 94, ITA - Silver medalist at the European Short Course Champs in the 200m Fly, she improved her time still further to make the World Short Course final in Dubai. Her short course time of 2:05.69 put her 12th in the 2010 world rankings. Time to step up long course in 2011. Also handy over 400m IM.

Emma McKeon, 94, AUS and Brittany Elmslie, 94, AUS - Compatriot Yolane Kukla receives the most attention of Australia's up and coming talent, but McKeon and Elmslie are not far behind in the sprint freestyle events.

Kousuke Hagino, 94, JAP - Remember what I said about Japanese strength in depth? Hagino was 18th in the world this year in the LC 200m IM with his time of 2:00.02. He also ended the year just behind Chaoseng Huang, 94, CHN in the 400m IM SC world rankings. Hagino and Huang both recorded 4:08 over 400m IM short course. Another young IM'er deserving a mention is David Nolan, 92, USA who won Jr Pan Pacs in a time of 2:00.61 and is emerging as one of USA's most versatile talents.

Li Zhesi, 95, CHN - Is emerging as a major talent in the sprint freestyle events. She finished 6th in the 50m Free and 10th in the 100m Free at the World Short Course Championships, as well as swimming 52.00 on the final leg of the Chinese 4 x 100m Free relay.  

Li Xuanxu, 95, CHN took bronze in the 400m IM in Dubai behind compatriot Ye Shiwen as well as 6th in the 400m Free. She ended the year 4th in the LC rankings over 400m IM with her 4:34.59.

Yi Tang, 93, CHN, took 4th in the individual 200m Free in Dubai as well as playing an instrumental role in China's 4 x 200m Free world record and China's 4 x 100m Medley relay victory, where she overhauled Jessica Hardy on the Freestyle leg.

2011 might be too soon for the following swimmers, watch out for them to make an impact in 2012 and beyond

Ryan Murphy, 95, USA - 57.31 and 2:00.81 for the 100m and 200m Backstroke at 15 is fantastic. Nearly time to add the 'Next Aaron Peirsol' tag?
Lia Neal, USA, 95 - Took silver in the 100m Free at Jr Pan Pacs (not too far behind Kukla) in a time of 54.91.
Gillian Ryan, 95, USA - Swam 4:13.25 in the 400m Free last year, expect that time to come down this year.
Bonnie Macdonald, 95, AUS - Promising distance freestyler, swam 8:37.00 in the 800m Free and 16:29 in the 1500m Free.
Christian Scherubl, 94, AUT - Impressed at World Short Course with his 3:47.54 effort in the 400m Free.
Madeline Groves, 95, AUS - Possibly the next great female Australian 100/200 Flyer.
Rika Ohmoto, 97, JAP - Remarkable time of 2:15.78 in the 200m IM at Jr Pan Pacs won her silver at just 13 years of age.
Amelia Maughan, 96, GBR - Best times of 26.38 and 56.09 long course this year in the 50 and 100m Free. A big prospect for the British team in London 2012. When Fran Halsall was Maughan's age, she swam 26.15 and 56.70. 
Beatriz Gomez Cortez, 94, ESP - Placed fourth at European Short Course in the 200m Breast in a time of 2:25.48. Another sign of Spain's improving team.


  1. Great list Tom. You really dug deeper to find some future gems here. This is basically a primer for the 2016 and 2020 Olympics.

  2. Thanks.

    I don't think we'll need to wait that long for a lot of the swimmers on this list. I think Bence Biczo has a shot at medalling at Worlds this year.

  3. 200 fly is always a toss-up for the medals (other than Phelps). I do think it'll take 1:54-low (or better) to medal and probably 1:55-mid at least to final. Be pretty shocked if Bizco medals in Shanghai, but he will definitely be in the mix when this show comes around in 2 years in Barcelona, for sure. (Disclaimer: I think there is one 200 flyer who is totally unproven in that event and will surprise a lot of people. Guess who.)

    I occasionally look back at the results of the 2009 Junior Pan Pacs (which were in January). You see a lot of: Tomasso D'Orsogna, Ryan Napoleon, Elizabeth Pelton, Shiho Sakai, Kasey Carlson, Dagny Knutson... and you get it. We are gonna see a lot out of the people on this list.

    Little bit on the Americans. I've been calling out Ryan Murphy for a year or so now. So much fun to watch him develop. As for David Nolan... he is a junior in high school, and his best time would have almost won NCAAs in the 200 IM. He is gonna be big, maybe sooner than people think.

    As for Morozov... he's not technically a U.S. citizen yet. USA Swimming is trying to rush the process so he can swim in London. So impressive this year, even better at Short Course Nationals (42.0 100 free!). Of course, whatever the situation, he couldn't make the 2011 U.S. team, since that has already been selected, from results of Nationals and Pan Pacs.

  4. A little to add on Maughan, the 50FR is actually her 3rd event, She is the British age group record holder for the 200 FR, 2.00.82 whick is 3 seconds faster than the 2nd best Brit!
    Is the 200 Flyer American? If not is it Michael Rock?

  5. It's quite depressing looking at the list. Are you saying people were being born in 1995?
    (I feel so old!!)

    Anyway, a great list. Some of the names I have not heard of, so I'll be sure to look for them in the swimming news this year. Thank you!

  6. Cameron Mcevoy, 16 years old, Australia just swam 49.70

  7. christian vom lehn, germany 92
    2009 he swam a 2:11 200m breasstroke wearing a jammer at the european junior champs,
    after an illnes in 2010 he will come back this year...