Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bob Bowman is now following you on Twitter!‏

I will let you into a secret, the life of a swim blogger is tough. 

You work hard to stay on top of world swimming for little to no reward.

You break news, cover events.... all the time knowing that this hardship is driven by passion rather than reward.

But then something comes out of left field, something you didn't expect, that reassures you that this is the right way. This 'eureka' moment came to me tonight when I checked my email and saw...


Bob Bowman is now following you on Twitter!‏

(Turn up the Ludacris...start dancing like Les Grossman)


  1. Oh God... I can't believe how jealous I am right now!

  2. no sarcasm from me. I assume all of the swim bloggers are like me in that we often feel we are yelling into the abyss. hardly anyone leaves comments, especially on independent blogs. It is always nice to find out someone is reading your stuff, and it is a treat when someone high profile admits they are a fan. I almost pee'd my pants when Gary Hall Jr said he "enjoyed reading my blogs."
    Pathetic, but true. :)
    Wow. Bowman. I am impressed.

  3. We got a follow too! It almost makes me more nervous than excited...Do I only get to post good thinks about MP now?!?!