Sunday, 16 January 2011

Busy Weekend Recap

It's been a busy weekend of long course racing for some of the world's top swimmers.

For all the results-hungry swim fans out there, enjoy...

Austin Grand Prix (feat. Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Katie Hoff, Missy Franklin) - Results Here

Highlights: Missy Franklin's 59.75 in the 100m Back. Jason Lezak's 22.57 in the 50m Free. Kate Ziegler's 4:08.28 in the 400m Free.

Flanders Swimming Cup (feat. Laszlo Cseh, Keri-Anne Payne, Mireia Belmonte, Lotte Friis) - Results Here

Highlights: Laszlo Cseh's 4:15.39 in the 400m IM and 52.83 in the 100m Fly. Keri-Anne Payne's 1:59.96 in the 200m Free. Daniel Gyurta's 1:01.18 in the 100m Breast. Gergely Gyurta's 15:17.77 in the 1500m Free.

Burns Open Meet (feat. Rebecca Adlington, Liam Tancock, Lizzie Simmonds) - Results Here

Highlights: Rebecca Adlington's 4:08.35 in the 400m Free. Lizzie Simmonds 2:09.47 in the 200m Back. 15 year old Matthew Johnson's 4:27.14 in the 400m IM.

Victorian State Championships (feat. Matt Targett, Leisel Jones, Ellen Gandy, 13-year-old Rika Omoto) - Results Here

Highlights: Matt Targett's 49.70 in the 100m Free, Leisel Jones' 1:07.66 in the 100m Breast, Kelly Stubbins' 55.37 in the 100m Free, 2011 Watchlist member Rika Omoto's 4:49.31 in the 400m IM and 2:15.48 in the 200m IM, Ellen Gandy 2:08.02 in the 200m Fly.

If there are more competitions taking place around the world that deserve a mention, add them in the comments section.


  1. I am not sure on all the results but Jessica Lloyd (1995) swam 55.81 100FR & 26.11 50FR in Sunderland, GB.
    Good stepping up by her!
    And Missy Franklin! God help the rest in 2012!
    Also Amelia Maughan (1996) who you mentioned on a previous post swam 56.51 at the burns meet, and as far as i know was in training, totally unrested! Good signs!

  2. You're definitely right to bring up Jessica Lloyd's swim last weekend. Her 55.81 puts her 4th in Britain over the last 12 months. She is definitely one to look out for when it comes to the 4 x 100m Free relay. Fran Halsall and Amy Smith are probably locks for the individual spots at this stage. We've got a good group of young sprinters at the moment with Lloyd (95), Amelia Maughan (96), Emma Saunders (94) and Lucy Ellis (93).

    The Sunderland meet (Canada's junior team v England Talent (U19 squad) v England North) has it's results here -

    Missy Franklin might just turn into the female Phelps in London. She can do everything.

  3. Matt Targett at Victorian States, Australia. 22.60 and 49.66 back in business

  4. Ellen Gandy also at victoria states, 27.06, 58.78 & 2.08.02! Good early showing from the youngster!
    And Also Tash Waitzer a decent 31.50 50brst in Victoria!