Thursday, 17 June 2010

Poll Results - Will Ian Thorpe return for 2012?

The swimming community has spoken (well, 123 members of it atleast) and the general consensus is that... Ian Thorpe will not be returning to London 2012.

91 voted for No, a whopping percentage of 74%. Myself and 31 others voted for Yes, a minuscule 26%.

Back in early May I looked at the situation and my opinions haven't changed despite a rejection of the rumours by Thorpe. There's no way Thorpe announces his return before he can be sure that he can get down to the times required in the 100m Free and that will require some intensive training. We might need to wait until mid-2011 for more news, but IF Thorpe can get into the right shape by then I fully expect him to announce a return in the 4 x 100 Free Relay and 200m Free.

Ian, if you're reading, go to 2:32 in this video, then get yourself to the pool.

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