Tuesday, 1 June 2010

2010 Mare Nostrum - Monaco Predictions - Women

Mare Nostrum - Monaco Predictions


50m Free

1. Ranomi Kromowidjojo
2. Therese Alshammar
3. Jessica Hardy

100m Free

1. Ranomi Kromowidjojo
2. Natalie Coughlin
3. Dana Vollmer

200m Free

1. Dana Vollmer
2. Blair Evans
3. Coralie Balmy

400m Free

1. Coralie Balmy
2. Blair Evans
3. Camelia Potec

50m Back

1. Zhao Jing
2. Daniela Samulski
3. Anastasia Zueva

100m Back

1. Zhao Jing
2. Daniela Samulski
3. Sophie Edington

200m Back

1. Lauren Lavigna
2. Sophie Edington
3. Cloe Credeville

50m Breast

1. Jessica Hardy
2. Rebecca Soni
3. Yuliya Efimova

100m Breast

1. Rebecca Soni
2. Jessica Hardy
3. Yuliya Efimova

200m Breast

1. Rebecca Soni
2. Annamay Pierse
3. Joline Hostman

50m Fly

1. Therese Alshammar
2. Inge Dekker
3. Dana Vollmer

100m Fly

1. Natalie Coughlin
2. Dana Vollmer
3. Inge Dekker

200m Fly

1. Samantha Hamill
2. Annika Mehlhorn
3. Mireia Belmonte

200m IM

1. Camille Muffat
2. Mireia Belmonte
3. Hannah Miley

400m IM

1. Hannah Miley
2. Mireia Belmonte
3. Tanya Hunks


  1. Nice pics. Gonna be some good races. I'd put Efimova ahead of Soni in the 50 breast, but we'll see.

    Is Zueva entered in the 100 and 200 back? If so, I'd expect her to dominate any of the swimmers you listed.

    I forget where, but Coughlin said she's skipping the 100 back in Monaco because of slippery walls or something, so she's saving it for Barcelona. Gonna be some awesome races between her and Vollmer in the 100s (and Kromowidjojo in the free). It's eerie how close Coughlin and Vollmer (training partners) are in times in both the 100 free and 100 fly.

    Remember they have "Monaco 50s." They have multiple rounds and gradually reduce the field to two swimmers. That was where Cullen Jones raced Alain Bernard in the finals last year and went 21.5.

  2. According to the start sheet Zueva has only entered the 50m Back here.

    Efimova looked good at Russian Nationals but Soni has been even better in 2010. I was very close to picking Soni to sweep all three Breaststrokes.

    Agreed on Coughlin/Vollmer. I don't see anyone getting past Kromowidjojo in the freestyle though.

  3. That's strange with Zueva. Maybe a mistake?

    I think the freestyles are gonna be close, the 50 with Alshammar and Kromowidjojo and the 100 with Kromowidjojo and the Americans. I know they said Kromowidjojo wasn't tapered when she went those ridiculous times in April, but neither was Julia Smit when she went those ridiculous times at Pac-10's; everyone thought she would knock more time off those records at NCAA's, and she was much slower.

  4. Possibly a mistake. More likely to do with the "Monaco 50s" you mentioned. She'll likely swim the 50 Back 4 (if she makes the last 4) or 5 times (if she makes the last 2) in 2 days.

    At Barcelona she's doing the 50,100 and 200 Back and at Canet the 50 and 100 Back. If you watch the video from Russian Nationals her stroke looked great (as usual) although she wasn't too happy with her times.

    By the way, check out the 100m Back fields at Barcelona and Canet. Zueva, Coughlin, Simmonds, Hoelzer and more.

  5. I missed Monaco, But i will say i think Simmonds looks unbeatable over 200m Back right now, I think she will dip below the amazing 2.06.62 best textile mark, Halsall has the ability to beat Kromowidjojos time also.

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