Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Mare Nostrum - Barcelona - TV Coverage

After 2 days of searching for live video of Barcelona Mare Nostrum I finally think (hope) I have found a source.

This is a link to the Russian TV Station NTV+ Plus Sport

Some back-ups in case this one doesn't work on the day:-

RAI Sport

TV3 (Catalunya)

Monaco Info might show it again although I suspect they were only showing the Monaco leg

Monaco Info

(Last time I posted the link for Monaco, Mel Stewart, Rebecca Soni and Natalie Coughlin ended up re-tweeting it to their followers so hopefully this time it can have the same impact... you saw it here first!)

Start List

Competition Programme


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  1. My Cyrrillic and/or Russkie is not that good...what should I look for to locate the Mare Nostrum Barca Swimming event?