Wednesday, 29 December 2010

New Vote - Top Women's Performance of 2010

FYI: Not a FINA approved suit

 I've picked what I feel are the Top 10 Female Performances of 2010. Choosing the candidates for this list was hard enough, deciding which swim was the best will be even tougher.

There are 6 Long Course and 4 Short Course efforts. You're job is to choose the most impressive swim of 2010. Remember: This is not a personality contest.

Just a week to vote.

The Top 10

- Ranomi Kromowidjojo, 50 SCM Free - 23.37
5th fastest performance of all time. Missed Veldhuis' WR by 0.12 seconds.

- Ranomi Kromowidjojo, 100 SCM Free -51.44
4th fastest performance of all time. Missed Trickett's WR by 0.43 seconds.

- Zhao Jing, 100 LCM Back - 58.94
8th fastest performance of all time. Missed Spofforth's WR by 0.82 seconds

- Natalie Coughlin, 100 SCM - 56.08
4th fastest performance of all time. Missed Sakai's WR by 0.85 seconds

- Zhao Jing, 200 LCM Back - 2:06.46
9th fastest performance of all time. Missed Coventry's WR by 1.65 seconds.

- Rebecca Soni, 100 LCM Breast - 1:04.93
3rd fastest performance of all time. Missed Hardy's WR by 0.48 seconds

- Leisel Jones, 100 SCM Breast - 1:03.63
4th fastest performance of all time. Missed Soni's WR by 0.93 seconds.

- Rebecca Soni, 200 LCM Breast - 2:20.69
6th fastest of all time. Missed Pierse's WR by 0.57 seconds.

- Ye Shiwen, 200 LCM IM - 2:09.37
14th fastest performance of all time. Mised Kukors' WR by 3.22 seconds.

- Hannah Miley, 400 LCM IM - 4:33.09
16th fastest performance of all time. Missed Rice's WR by 3.64 seconds.

Some stellar swims just missed this list. Jessica Hardy's 30.03 50 LCM Breast is the one that I was closest to including.
Other swims that came close to making the Top 10: Katie Hoff's 3:57.07 400m Free, Mireia Belmonte's 2:05.73 200m IM and Ariana Kukors' 58.65 100m IM all from SC Worlds. Jiao Liuyang's 2:05.46 200 LCM Fly and Federica Pellegrini's 1:55.45 200 LCM Free were close, whilst Ranomi Kromowidjojo almost got on the list for the third time with her 53.44 LCM 100m Free (not fully tapered).

Any swims that you feel deserve special mention, add them in the comments.


  1. Been trying to find a Youtube video of Kromowidjojo's performances in Dubai... Can't seem to find any. Anybody else have any luck?

  2. Just one thing, I think i remember seeing Kromowidjojo say she was more or less fully tapered for the 53.44 & 24.40 swims, i am not 100% but i do recall something like that, and her SC tapered times would agree, Her times have stayed the same as 2009 in all forms of tapered sprinting, Still definately the star female sprinter of 2010, a small seed of doubt in my mind however on what a fully fit & tapered Halsall could do, i expect to see Halsall & Kromowidjojo at the top of the 100FR podium in 2012, 2011 maybe a bit soon for Halsall after her Op this winter and 2011/12 winter is big for her in terms of building her upper body in line to other sprinters like Veldhuis & Kromowidjojo.