Saturday, 18 December 2010

Thoughts from World Short Course Champs - Day Three

Another day, another World Record crushed. 

This is getting ridiculous. I agree with IronDoc on Twitter.

"Let's just ban Ryan Lochte!"

- Lochte once again dominated proceedings tonight in the 200m IM... Not that it wasn't forecast, this was THE record that was earmarked to go before the meet.... but Lochte didn't just break it, he SHATTERED it.

Ryan Lochte swam 200m IM in 1:50.08. That is a great freestyle time, Lochte swam IM.

- Robo-Kromo was at it again. At European Short Cousre, Ranomi Kromowidjojo won in a time of 51.44. At World Short Course, she won in 51.45. Femke Heemskerk followed home in second for a robotic Dutch 1-2, just pipping Natalie Coughlin.

- I loved the Women's 400m Free. A look at the start list before the race showed what a strong event it would be, but also how open the race could be. That was true right up until the moment Katie Hoff dived in, and then duly dominated the race. Hoff took the lead from Kylie Palmer at 250m and never looked like relinquishing it.

Speed Endurance would like to welcome back Katie Hoff to the top of world swimmiing.

Here's what else impressed me, Chloe Sutton, finishing 4th at World SHORT COURSE. I've picked up on Sutton's turns all year, but they have improved a huge amount. Are they as good as Hoff's? No... but they are a lot closer than they were previously. In 2011, Long Course... watch out.

- Cesar Cielo, in a pair of jammers, just swam 20.51 for 50m Freestyle. I don't know what else to say. - Sensational. Too good.

Say what you like about his performance at Pan Pacs, on the global stage he's come through once again.

What drives his success on the biggest stage is his mental strength, one of the more underrated strengths at major championships.

- Another swimmer showing a lot of character tonight was Paul Biedermann. Positioned out in Lane 8 for the 400m Free final, Biedermann put on a great show of tactical racing and fast swimming. He allowed Ous Mellouli to set the pace, hung with him for 300m and then dropped 'Der Hammer' to record a superb time of 3:57.07.

If you are a regular reader of the blog, it is no secret that I am a fan of Biedermann's. Today is the first day, with confidence, that I can say that Biedermann has proved his doubters wrong. Paul Biedermann can swim fast without a techsuit.


  1. I will not lie:
    I was expecting Bousquet to win the race.
    I´m a big fan of Cielo, but he only make his first training(for World SC Champs) mid/late october after 3-4 weeks break.
    Two weeks ago, i was seeing Brazilian SC Champs, and he made 21.13 and 46.87 in his events and was struggling to make good times.
    In 100 free he make minor mistakes in all 3 turns!(He even talked about it later).
    I´m very impressed because his normal training schedule for a BIG competition is 6-7 months long.

  2. Hoff is back, as a Brit i am happy because Bex may get her magic back chasing Fed & Katie down the last 50M in Shanghai....Sorry i am dreaming!
    But seriously on Sutton a great swimmer but i dont think a world champs medallist over 400FR, maybe 800FR but not a gold imo, the 400FR will be great next year, Bex,Fed,Katie,Jo, and the Aussies, i cant wait for the fight at British champs, Adlington vs Jackson vs Carlin...and maybe vs Bochmann also????

  3. The Women's 400m Free is one of the most intriguing events in world swimming right now. Such a deep event, so full of talent. You missed the French trio of Muffat, Balmy and Etienne. China's on the march too.

    I wouldn't write off Sutton on either the 400 or 800 in Shanghai next year. To coin an American sports phrase, her 'upside' is enormous. 2011 might come too soon, but by 2012, if all goes to plan she will be a huge contender. Don't forget that she won the 400m at Pan Pacs.

    The domestic competition in Britain can only be a good thing, although unfortunately it will mean some world class swimmers missing out.