Sunday, 10 February 2013

University of Tennessee does the Harlem Shake

Swim teams do tend to enjoy doing different kinds of viral music videos. You had various versions of Call Me Maybe and we saw even more versions of Gangnam Style.

University of Tennessee Swimmers are gearing up for the conference season and the Southeastern Swimming Championships in a couple of weeks time by doing the newest viral video craze: the Harlem Shake.

"This is what happens when our team starts tapering and gets an abundance of energy", says Norwegian team member Øystein "Oy" Hetland.

(Øystein is the little brother of Aleksander Hetland who gave up his professional swimming career after winning a World Championship Gold Medal in Istanbul before Christmas. Read that story here: Hetland goes out with a big bang.)

Tennessee earlier this year were accused of tapering for a small-scale dual meet against Georgia after creating a bit of an upset by beating the favorites. Read SwimSwams story.


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