Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Marseille Update: Camille Lacourt Back In Training, Florent Manaudou Branching Out

Romain Barnier, the head coach of CN Marseille, has updated the swimming world on two of his most successful charges, Florent Manaudou and Camille Lacourt. In an interview with Vosges Matin ahead of the Meeting International d'Hiver FFN he reveals that Lacourt took 5 months off after the Olympics and that Manaudou is planning to add a few extra events to his repertoire in Barcelona.

100 backstroke world champion Lacourt only returned to training on January 5th after spending 5 months away from the sport after a disappointing Olympics. He will be in a race against time to get back to full fitness in time for Barcelona, but has reportedly returned in a different mental state. "With Camille, we advance every day. Five months off is a bit of a novelty. For him, it is a bit like starting a second career.What makes me happy is to have found a Camille Lacourt with his doubts and uncertainties. His desire to be the best, too. There is a little extra something" says Barnier.

Barnier's 50 free Olympic champion Florent Manaudou set his sights on qualifying in the 50m sprint for all four strokes, unfortunately he eventually gave up on breaststroke due to doubts that Barnier had that he could challenge for a medal. Barnier is more bullish for the backstroke and butterfly. "Outside the freestyle, his greatest chance is likely the backstroke, even though he is still working on his start. But whether backstroke or butterfly, he has potential in both."

In an exhibition event last weekend Manaudou beat Lacourt in a 50 back duel. Given his lights out natural speed the revelation that Manaudou is aiming to add the back and fly to his Barcelona schedule should give sprinters the world over cause for concern.

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