Thursday, 27 December 2012

Banned Brazilian Swimmer Diego Candido Prado Issues an Important Statement

From Blog do Coach (translated from the original Portuguese)

"Out of respect for my family, the club Serc Santa Maria, the Secretary of Sports and Tourism of São Caetano do Sul, doping control entities, sports entities and swimming, the FAP, finally the CBDA, I apologize for my mistake. Perhaps because of immaturity or insecurity, I mistakenly did not believe in myself and I made the worst decision, making use of a drug that would only harm me in every way. But this is also the time to take advantage of this situation to alert all athletes for this type of trap, which is so widespread in high class sport, especially on the internet. The only way for the sportsman is your personal effort, the training and guidance of our technicians and the teachings of the family.
I assume and acknowledge my mistake, which I deeply regret, being aware that I pay a high price for it. But always keep your head up and continue my training with the firm intention of returning to the pool as soon as possible to regain a place in this sport I love so much. "
Finally, I leave my record on this issue and say that I will not make any other statement regarding this case.

Extremely sad. Prado, a promising Brazilian breaststroker, was banned for two years earlier this month for using Stanozol, an anabolic steroid. Hopefully any athletes/coaches/parents considering the use of illegal means to get an edge on the competition heed Prado's warning.

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