Thursday, 3 May 2012

Celebrating Alexander Dale Oen's Contribution To The World Of Swimming

It is still hard to believe that swimming fans won't have the privilege of seeing Alexander Dale Oen competing again.

Rather than look for answers or explanations at this stage, this post aims to celebrate what Dale Oen gave to the swimming world.

Swimming's Emotional Highlight of 2011

He did not break the world record, but Alexander Dale Oen's 58.71 in Shanghai last year was the greatest 100m Breaststroke we've ever seen.

The video below shows the view from the stands and in my opinion shows the dominance he had over his competitors better than the TV footage did (as well as his poor start ... Dale Oen is in lane 4 with the blue shorts).


Norwegian swimmer Sander Smordal's obituary for his friend - Incredibly moving words from a close personal friend and team-mate. (Non-Norwegian speakers will need to use google translate).

Dale Oen, happy and at ease

Like all great champions, he didn't need to put on an act.

Alexander Dale Oen: "I am one of the luckiest humans alive."

In His Own Words

The Tribute For His Countrymen

Doing more through sport than anyone else could for the Norwegian people suffering through their own traumatic loss last July.

The Final Interview


  1. "I will begin to live now, Alexander, for one must cherish the time you get. One never knows when it ends.

    But the lesson, Alex, was too hard to swallow."

    A good read that will make you misty-eyed.

  2. One comment is pretty sad.

    I don't know anything about alexander but 25 is too young too go.

    It reminds me of Bela Karolyi on Hillary Grivich's death at 19 -a few years after being on his 91 US gymnastics team.

    He regretted very much all those harsh words. Fellow teammate & world champion Kim Zmeskal continues to send Hillary's Mum flowers on Mothers day .

    Just thought I would put that in . Life is more than sport but sport can create many bonds that last through a lifetime -no matter how short - & after a teammate passes away.