Thursday, 8 September 2011

Filippo Magnini Gets Beaten By A Dolphin... Lets Down Swimmers Everywhere

It's been a pretty quiet few weeks for Filippo Magnini since Shanghai. He's just had the usual "getting caught hooking up with Federica Pellegrini, relationship destroying, friendship destroying love triangle tabloid feeding frenzy" couple of weeks.

Today Magnini had a chance to redeem himself as he represented all of mankind in a race against two dolphins. When I heard about the race, my first thought was that it was clearly unfair. I mean sure, dolphins have talent, but from what I've seen they are lazy... they don't put the work in, they splash about during training just doing flips all day long, plus they are all about "garbage yardage". Swimming has moved on, its all about cross training now... just no way Magnini loses this race.

Well, Magnini lost

Not only did he lose, he got lapped. Good job Filippo, way to represent swimmers all over the world.

PS. Is it just me, or does Ryan Lochte not lose this race?


  1. . Try beating them on a wave!

    The best body surfers on the planet. And they have lunch while they are at it.

    Once in a bay in Nth NZ I was up the top of a wave among some black dolphins & I was really moving . The dolphins had dived from the crest under -caught some fish & exited 20 mtrs ahead.

    In the space of 5 secs.

    Filipo .....What do they say about animals & children?

  2. The dolphins broke the 15m rule.

  3. Humans are just not strong or fast unlike a lot of animals/fish/whatever in nature. It is a little weird to see weak and puny humans competing in sport from that viewpoint. The human thing is their brains and fingers.

  4. bet his suit wasn fina approved