Friday, 2 September 2011

Brett Hawke Writes Off Fred Bousquet's Chances in the 50 Free

Tomorrow's Morning Swim Show features Auburn Head Coach Brett Hawke.  As always with Hawke it is an interesting 10 minute interview, but one thing stood out. At 6:15 the discussion moves on to the 50 Free:
Peter Busch: "On the 50 side, can you see anyone touching Cielo right now?"
Brett Hawke: "No. Not really. If I'm going to be honest, Cesar is built for that race and he loves that race, and to win that race with all the nonsense that was going on in the lead up to the World Championships... I was really proud to see him win that..."
Peter Busch: "Do you ever miss training him?"
Brett Hawke: "Absolutely, it was a great time in my life training him."
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Hawke currently training Cielo's arch rival Fred Bousquet? The fastest man ever in a textile suit. I don't know what the decision making process was for Hawke in making this statement.... but I can't imagine Bousquet is going to be happy when he watches this clip.

FYI - I honestly believe that if Bousquet had not had the disastrous heat swim that he did in Shanghai, the 50 Free final was his for the taking.


  1. Nah -

    Evolution goes with Cielo. He looks to have more fast twitch fibres whereas fred is a Brute strength sort of guy. Plus 25 to 31 -gotta give it to the guy breaching his max strength /power output per body weight.

    Also Cielo knows the 100 is gone.

    I am also suspecting the gaulish ego will, not like Manadou waltzing straight back to the top.

  2. Take that comma out. Politely saying Fred has big sporting competition in the family with Manadou but also La belle bebe .

    Tough to compete ith that pair .

  3. Yeah, i think Bousquet is 30 now and has had a few chances. Cielo has gold in the 50m at Rome, Beijing, Shanghai. But I am surprised Hawke would say that since this is swimming, margins are small and upsets happen.

  4. Don't forget Bousquet has been 21.36 in textile ... Cielo's best effort was his 21.52 in Shanghai, that is not a small margin when it comes to the 50 Free. There is no denying that Cielo has the upper hand mentally and at major competitions.... but there is a pretty strong argument, if both are at 100%, Bousquet is the better 50 Freestyler.

  5. But it's not really about that, is it? It's about who can win on the big stage.

  6. I concur. Bosquet has never won anything individual at the biggest stage (worlds, olympics) as if he does have some sort of mental problems.
    Nevertheless, it is indeed baffling to hear Hawk said what he said.