Monday, 25 August 2014

Norwegian record holder solves three Rubik's cubes under water - makes waves in the media

17 year old Marius Solaat Rødland has been making waves in Norwegian pools over the last couple of years.

The young prodigy, who first started swimming at 13, has several national junior record in both butterfly and freestyle to his name and was initially selected to swim for Norway during the European Championships in Berlin.

A back-injury stopped that from happening, but the young prodigy has started preparing for a new season - and has already made bigger headlines than he has ever done from his swimming-records.

A video of him solving three Rubik's cubes underwater, without a single breath, is doing the rounds in Norwegian media. The film was shot during mondays session at his club Vestkantsvømmerne, the club famous for being the late Alexander Dale Oens first.

Both national broadcaster TV 2 and major regional newspaper Bergens Tidende has news stories about the video.

Rødland, who has a personal best of 10,99 at one Rubik's cube, was challenged by canadian coach Bruno Langlois, who had seen similar footage on the web.

– Sadly I only brought three cubes. If I had another I would have made that one too. I still had plenty of oxygen to keep going, says Rødland to TV 2.

Marius Solaat Rødland represented Norway at the European Junior Long Course Championships earlier this summer, but his performance was halted by the back-injury.


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