Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ryan Lochte is the 8th least influential person of 2012 according to GQ Magazine

(Source: GQ magazine)

GQ Magazine has selected swimmer Ryan Lochte as the 8th least influential person of 2012... and I am not mad in the slightest.

Make no mistake, Ryan Lochte had a sub-par Olympics (by his standards/our expectations). He was lined up to become the new Michael Phelps, but circumstances worked against him. He lost the 200 back final and was overtaken by Yannick Agnel in the 4x100 free relay. He was good, but not great.

Despite this, the media/hype machine had already been programmed before London to turn Lochte into a mainstream star and as a result we have had Ryan Lochte appearances coming out of our ears. Post-Olympics, Ryan Lochte is undoubtedly a star... but more a star of TMZ

Unfortunately  for the more erudite audience, Lochte's appearances have lacked a certain something....

Ryan Lochte is asked to pick the winner of LSU vs Texas A&M... he picks Auburn

His on camera skills

His interview skills


  1. He's currently filming a reality tv show.

  2. He is a gross douche so not surprised but any publicity is good for swimming, I think.