Sunday, 1 April 2012

Japanese Olympic Trials

Expect the world rankings to have a significant Japanese presence this time next week. The always fast Japan Swim (also serving as their Olympic Trials) start tomorrow.

Among the key storylines will be Kosuke Kitajima going up against the world's deepest domestic group of Breaststrokers. He will hope to keep his dream alive of becoming the first male swimmer in history to win the same event at three consecutive Olympic games.

Also watch out for Ryosuke Irie in the 200m Backstroke. Mr Consistency over the last few years, he is the biggest threat to Ryan Lochte and based on his 1:54.02 from January could be primed to take the next step up to the American's lofty heights.

Finally, look out for a number of the talented Japanese youngsters to move themselves from the potential category, to the legitimate medal contender group. Among those to watch out for are Kanako Watanabe (200m Breaststroke), Daiya Seto, Kosuke Hagino (both 400m IM), Miyu Otsuka (400m IM) and Sayaka Akase (200m Backstroke).

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  1. Chinese Trials also begin tomorrow.

  2. The seeding on their start lists is weird. Kitajima seventh in the 100 breaststroke? Is this based on their short course season, or have they been swimming long course, and just haven't posted results in the west?

  3. Seeding didn't appear to effect him too badly, he just went 59.31 in the semi final after a 1:00.23 heat swim.

  4. where can we get live results for the chinese trials?

  5. 1.54.03 from Irie in the 200back.. Looks like the guy has plateaued. Was expecting a 1.53mid. Maybe since the guy is thin he doesnt benefit much from a taper. He's probably the biggest threat to Lochte in the 200back.. I think this event is in the bag for Lochte.. Irie has always been a fast in season swimmer

  6. Wow. Japanese swimmers really clocked very good times this year gearing up for the Olympics in London. In contrast, the Chinese swimmers posted very slow times.

    As usual, I think we will see few Japanese swimmers on the podium this year, especially in the breastroke and backstroke events. Kosuke Kitajima and Ryosuke Irie will surely get some medals, only a matter of whether it's Gold, Silver or Bronze. Takeshi Matsuda has a strong chance in the 200m butterfly, perhaps a bronze.

    Japan also has a strong chance of getting a medal in the 4x100m medley relay, either a silver or bronze, though the last freestyle leg is usually Asia's weakest leg(the Americans and Europeans are much stronger in freestyle).

    China can only hope for the 800m and 1500m freestyle events.

    Overall, it will be interesting for Japan as their top swimmers have been clocking really good times in the Olympic trials.

  7. One can just wonder the techniques Kosuke Kitajima and Ryosuke Irie used when the posted super-duper times. Both these pint-sized swimmers stand at 1.78m and yet they managed to register WR beating times in their events respectively.

    Norway's breastroke specialist Alexander Dale Oen is 1.94m in height whilst French backstroke specialist Camille Lacourt stands at >1.97m and yet Kitajima and Irie can go as fast as these taller and bigger guys.

  8. Qualifying times:-
    (Year of birth in bracket)

    50m freestyle : Ito Kenta (90) 22.20
    Kawachi Yuuki (86) 22.44
    100m freestyle : Fujii Takuro (85) 49.12
    Kawachi Yukii (86) 49.56
    200m freestyle : Matsuda Takeshi (84) 1.45.96
    Kobori Yuuki (93) 1.47.71

    100m backstroke : Irie Ryosuke (90) 52.91
    Koga Junya (87) 54.14
    200m backstroke : Irie Ryosuke (90) 1.54.03
    Watanabe Kasuki (87) 1.56.83

    100m breastroke : Kitajima Kosuke (82) 58.90
    Tateishi Ryo (89) 59.60
    200m breastroke : Kitajima Kosuke (82) 2.08.00
    Tateishi Ryo (89) 2.08.17

    100m butterfly : Fujii Takuro (85) 51.91
    Takeshi Matsuda (84) 52.37
    200m butterfly : Matsuda Takeshi (84) 1.54.01
    Kaneda Kazuya (87) 1.55.39

    200m IM : Hagino Kousuke (94) 1.58.01
    Takakuwa Ken (85) 1.58.20
    400m IM : Hagino Kousuke (94) 4.10.26
    Horihata Yuuya (90)4.10.52

  9. Kosuke Kitajima, Irie Ryosuke and Takeshi Matsuda will be kicking some ass in the Olympics. Damn look at those times.

    Chinese swimmers are surely lacking behind the Sushi swimmers, especially in the men events.