Saturday, 25 February 2012

Breaking News: Aleksandra Herasimenia Denies Elbowing Alicia Coutts

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding 'Elbow Gate', the allegations from Alicia Coutts that she was elbowed in the head and spat at before the 100m Freestyle final at the World Championships in Shanghai. 

Coutts still has not revealed the name of the alleged culprit, but did say that it was one of the European finalists in the race. Since the story broke last week we have seen Ranomi Kromowidjojo cleared by Coutts herself on Twitter as well as a denial from Femke Heemskerk. Fran Halsall saw the incident, heard the apology and forgot who was involved describing the incident as 'a non entity'.

In a Speed Endurance exclusive we can now add another denial to that list. Joint gold medal winner Aleksandra Herasimenia.

I caught up with Herasimenia and in a strongly worded denial she told me that the allegations were 'stupid' and questioned the authenticity of the claims. 'I know that I did not do it, and Jeanette (Ottesen) too, I spoke to her. Nor could she do that!', she said. 'I did not see anything and so I think all this is fiction!'


  1. Does she still maintain that she's innocent of the doping as well? Just saying (don't know about this elbow gate thing).

  2. Well... well...

    I had suspicion that it was Herasimenia, now I am SURE it was her.

  3. Of coarse they are all going to deny doing it after some of the things that have been said "the ugly face of swimming" no one is going to admit they did it and give themselves a bad reputation.

  4. I don't believe Coutts made it up at all. If you look at her Olympic blog from august last year she tells of the incident. Although seems like the media have changed the wording a little as she says that the swimmer spat in front of her as she was walking not spat at her. And she was elbowed in the head once and then in the side numerous times.

  5. The blog also states that the offender didn't apologize and that's why Coutts thought she was Doing it on purpose. So this is clearly not the same altercation that Halsall was referring to as she said the swimmer apologized when she didn't.

  6. I remember hearing Coutts in a radio interview last year about this. Why has it taken so long for people to really become aware of the incident when she has clearly spoken about it several times in the past?

  7. LOL... seriously, why the anger and accusation in the denial?
    Perhaps because people here and elsewhere were speculating it was her?

    Still though, to call the allegations stupid and then say they were fabricated says a lot, about her.
    If it wasn't her then she should have left it at that, and not claimed it was fiction, since, well, how on earth would she know?
    If it was her and it was truly an accident, then don't deny the accusations, instead explain and apologise.

    Why would Coutts make up something like that in a blog that was kind of forgotten about on the world stage till recently?

  8. ^ anon, I totally agree with you.
    She sounded very defensive to the point she accused Coutts of lying, this is in contrast to the reactions from the other girls.

  9. Who is to blame? - "A storm in a glas of water"

    I only wonder what excuse Alicia Coutts will use after not winning anything in London... Or will she learn from this?

    PS. Has anyone of you guys ever been in a "last call room"? A lot of people with long arms... If anyone of you think that Phelps has never been "hit" you are so mistaken. But the man is a winner, and would not blame accidental armswings from others if he does'nt do well.

    Do you follow me?

    1. You're making the assumption that she blamed her loss on this.

      She also 'lost' two golds in her favoured events but in fact never blamed that on anyone. She simply said she was happy with her efforts having swum two PBs. No blame. Class.
      Her blog entry talked of her busy schedule.

      That's not the point.
      The point is she claimed she was hit. Accidental or not, the reaction this provoked is as telling as the incident.
      Accidents do happen... so come out and say "sorry".

      Say, "Yes I did spit. There was something in my mouth I needed to get out before my race". Say "I was merely stretching and did not even realise I had hit someone".

      Why are we calling Coutts a liar?
      Call it a misunderstanding.

      Kromowidjojo apologised not even knowing if it was her. That's admirable.

    2. I agree with you woowoo. I guess I was kind of upset reading the other comments and ended up doing the same in a clumsy way to even it out...

      But the whole thing is weird/clumsy. Coutts leaves everyone out, but the two goldmedal winners. Why do this and let people guess and flame those two so close to London? One of them for sure did not do this..

    3. Did you even read the whole story?

      My God, Bjarnason.

      Coutts did not "do this and let people guess and flame those two so close to London". She did mention about it right after Shanghai and in radio interview.

      Do you follow me, Bjarnason?

  10. Bjarnason, Coutts didn't 'leave everyone out, but the two goldmedal winners'. The only person she has confirmed it wasn't, that I can see, is Kromowidjojo.

    I haven't seen her blaming it for her loss either.

  11. Coutts said she was sitting in the call room ready to walk out when the incident happened. Bit hard for the person to elbow her accidentally when doing arm swings if they were seated. Don't know about anyone else but I wouldn't be swinging my arms when I'm sitting down. I stand up and away from someone when I do that!!!!!