Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sun Yang 3:42.89 in Torrential Rain

Sun Yang isn't showing any early season rust, swimming in torrential rain he raced to 3:42.89 in the 400m Free at the Miami Super Challenge. According to Britain's Michael Jamieson on Twitter the swim came off even splits.

Coming in behind Sun Yang were compatriots Li Yunqi, 19, 3:45.49 and Hao Yun, 16, 3:45.69. In case you missed that, 3:45.69 from a 16 year old! An Ian Thorpe-esque performance.

The women's 400m Free didn't disappoint either with impressive performances from Yiwen Shao 4:06.98, Katie Goldman 4:07.52 and 200m Fly World Champion Jiao Liuyang 4:10.77.



  1. Good times outside China, finally! Very promising.

  2. This group of swimmers have been training in Australia with Australian coaches. They also had good results in the same meet last year.

    Anyway, just give the 400-1,500 golds to Sun Yang already. and the 200 one as well (only if he can overcome jitters swimming against Phelps).

    Hao Yun is outstandingly brilliant. Not exactly on Thorpe level brilliance though. Thorpe already swam 1:46 and 3:44 at the age of 15 and in speedo briefs for that matter.

  3. If all this is done in pouring rain, we could possibly see 5 men under 345 at Chinese Nationals (insert Wang Shun and Zhang Lin). THAT will be very interesting to watch.

    An important implication is that the Chinese 4x2 relay is going to greatly strengthen in top flight power as well as depth. If Li Yunqi could swim 147.0 while swimming a 347.5 in the 400m free, what can he do now that he's at least 2 seconds faster in the 4? They may actually challenge the Americans.

  4. Swimming this year has picked up MUCH faster than last year.

  5. I had the exact same thought about the 4 x 200 relay.

    Gotta love Olympic year!

  6. Oh good. They can be like their 94 team at worlds when they sent a completely different swimmer up to get a medal . It took a bit of time for anyone to spot the diff.

  7. Hi Admin,
    I think Camille Muffat will win the competition as she is in great form these days. I have been swimming regularly since last 4 years and found swimming great exercise to deal with joint and muscles problems. Swimming makes heart and lungs strong and prevent from major disease.