Monday, 7 November 2011

Ian Thorpe Down To Race 100m Freestyle In Beijing

After a less than stellar comeback meet in Singapore (and some outrageously ambitious predictions), Ian Thorpe is down to race a more familiar race in Beijing, the 100m Freestyle (entry time 49.41).

His participation is not 100% confirmed as he may still scratch the race, but his entry means he is a step closer than he was in Singapore to racing freestyle again.

Side note : It will be good to see the Water Cube in action again.

UPDATE -  Thorpe finished 15th after the heats of the 100m Freestyle in a time of 50.21. Splits of 24.00 / 26.21.


  1. I thought the Water Cube was converted into a family water park??

  2. They do have a new water park there, but the competition pool still remains.

  3. Yes - I had a guess at his current state as 50 s/c. As not a s/c dynamo I would guess that is about 51.8 l/c.

    As a real time comparison 2008 Gold medallists Libby & Zige are also 3 secs off good pace over 100.& barely made finals.

  4. Tokyo -Ian is back down to his entered time of 49.4. I do believe the altitude training was detrimental to initial performance but hopefully helpful for later . However it does not work for everyone .

    So an approx 51 l/c after many years off is ok. I suspect a 200 1.53 l/c just now. If he could concentrate on the 200 I could see a 1.47.5 which might make it. By the olys a 1.46.5 . This would be welcome in an otherwise weak foursome.

    plus a good stepping stone if he were to continue.