Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Olympic Trials Ticket Website Crashes

The demand for British Swimming Olympic Trials tickets has caused TheTicketSellers website to go down.

Frustratingly you could select your seats, but when it came to going to the Checkout page the website timed out. The site should be back up later on today to try all over again. As always there are winners and losers:

Winners - Nobody

Losers - British Swimming, British Gas, The Ticket Sellers, Everybody else


  1. Yup. Unprofessional. Swimming really does have a marketing problem in general. I look at the ugly covers of Swimming World Magazine that the magazine keeps promoting and cringe.

  2. From a professional perspective (I'm a web developer) the set up was terrible.

    - At 9am the website showed 'this page will be available after 9am' rather than a proper status message.
    - No announcement on Twitter/British Swimming website when the link finally DID open (thankfully I could keep refreshing for 45 minutes...)
    - I made it to the checkout link and even got to put my card details in. I then got a server error (i.e. the website wasn't talking to the card-checking site properly) BUT then got a confirmation email!
    - I have no idea whether I've been successful or whether that email was just another error. I guess I'll find out when the money goes out of my bank account.
    - Ticketmaster has its flaws but at least you can view a seating plan before you attempt to buy tickets, so your 'timing window' isn't spent staring at small dots.

    However from a selfish perspective WOO I (maybe) GOT TICKETS :D

  3. I just got an apologetic email from them - saying that there was 'unprecedented demand'. So it seems TheTicketSellers are either unable to count how many people pre-registered or have just ignored this figure completely...

  4. I have to say TheTicketSellers' customer service is much better than their website - I emailed them directly asking for confirmation about my order and an actual human being got back to me within 5 minutes (saying yes! Woo!)