Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010 - Come Out and Play

Commonwealth Games update

Bit of drama, nothing too serious:-

Ongoing security fears - Gun attack on a tourist bus in Delhi last Sunday & outbreak of dengue fever in the city
State of the athlete's village UPDATE - BBC Photos Here- Reports of stray dogs, faeces, stagnant water, unhygienic bathrooms, employees urinating openly in public areas.
Footbridge to get to the main stadium has collapsed - 23 workers injured

From BBC News

  1. Athletes' village - Indian media reports only 18 of 34 towers are completed
  2. Yamuna River - flooded in worst monsoon rain for 30 years, leaving pools attracting mosquitoes
  3. Nehru Stadium - part of false ceiling collapsed in weightlifting area
  4. Bridge leading to the Nehru Stadium - collapsed on Tuesday
  5. Jama Masjid Mosque - Two tourists injured in shooting near mosque, Indian Mujahideen threatens more attacks
  6. Shivaji Stadium - no longer to be used as a venue because it was not going to be ready in time
  7. Yamuna Sports Complex - roof damaged by heavy rain in July

It's best to think positive... like 2010's comeback swimmer of the year.

Geoff Huegill's reaction to Delhi's problems:

 “As long as there’s water in my lane, I’m set to go”


  1. Word is that the roof of the weight-lifting venue caved in today. Not a great place for something like this.

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  3. Ravi - Not sure what you mean by "more accurate"... Did the incidents noted in the post and reported by the BBC - and other international news media - happen or not?

  4. TB-They all happened, But it is going ahead after all, Hopefully all goes well and we see some great swimming, Hopefully by the English:)