Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Russian Championships

Swimming fanatics can watch the Russian Championships online. Unfortunately for non-Russian speakers you'll have to do a fair amount of translation but its still great coverage.

Start of rant - All the major swimming nations are putting Britain to shame when it comes to media coverage. The USA has live streaming coverage of all major meets. France, Australia and Russia show their nationals on TV.

2 years out from a home Olympic Games and we had our nationals of a major Olympic sport covered live on digital radio and with some highlight clips online the next day which didn't even include the entire races. Swimming will only continue to rise if we give it more exposure outside of the Olympics and major championships. - End of rant.

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КОРОТЫШКИН Евгений - Evgeny Korotshkin
ДОНЕЦ Станислав - Stanislav Donets
СЛУДНОВ Роман - Roman Sloudnov
ЛОБАНОВ Антон - Anton Lobanov
ФАЛЬКО Григорий - Grigory Falko
ГЕЙБЕЛЬ Сергей - Sergey Geybel
ЛАХТЮХОВ Станислав - Stanislav Lakhtyukhov
ИЗОТОВ Данила - Danila Isotov
ЛОБИНЦЕВ Никита - Nikita Lobintsev
СУХОРУКОВ Александр - Alexander Sukhorukov

ЕФИМОВА Юлия - Yulia Efimova
АРТЕМЬЕВА Валентина - Valentina Artemyeva
ЗУЕВА Анастасия - Anastasia Zueva

Links to coverage

4 May - Finals (16:55 Russian Time)

5 May - Finals (16:55)

6 May - Finals (16:55)

7 May - Finals (17:00)

8 May - Finals (17:00)

9 May - Finals (17:00)

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