Friday, 5 March 2010

Haka Friday

I've always been impressed with swim meets in the US. The atmosphere and team spirit beat most of the European events I've been to. What has always impressed me particularly though is the atmosphere at college meets which leads me to....

.... The University of Hawai'i men's team. These guys really know how to get a session started.

Great effort from the Hawai'i guys... still have a bit to catch up with these classic rugby moments.

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  1. Im from Britain, but moved to Hawaii. The difference between swimming in Europe and the US is unreal. In the US the empathis is more team based, and the atmosphere at competitions is vast compared to swimming back in Europe and this is why I can see why the US is so successful. Things such as the haka and the ha'aa (hawaiian haka) which we learnt are unique to Hawaii and its part of the Hawaiin culture which is also something special in that you not just swimming for the state but your also learning about the state. What we all thought was amazing when doing the haka was the fact that everyone in the building would stop....stay silent (apart from a few girls screaming)... and then there would be a standing ovation at the end. The haka and the ha'ha really gets you pumped up and ready to race. Best career decision was to move to Hawaii, thanks guys.